there are three candidates in the center-left primaries

there are three candidates in the center-left primaries
there are three candidates in the center-left primaries

On 20 June, the residents of Municipio VII who will line up at the primary banquets, will have to choose their candidate. There are three names who have decided to try their hand at the internal competition of the center-left.

Three candidates for the largest city hall in Rome

To succeed the presidency of the former pentastellata Monica Lozzi, the Democratic Party has decided to focus on two candidates. Nothing big, as happened in other Roman municipalities. In the most populous quadrant of the city, which with over 300 thousand inhabitants competes with capitals such as Bari and Catania, Enrico Letta’s party focuses on representatives who come from the territory. A choice that was also made by Liberare Roma, the movement led by Amedeo Ciaccheri and which, in Rome, expresses the candidacy of Imma Battaglia.

The candidacy of Francesco Laddaga

Of the candidates, the only one to have already held an administrative role in the area is the archaeologist Francesco Laddaga. In fact, he was the group leader of the Marine List during the council of Susi Fantino in Town Hall VII. An experience characterized by frequent disagreements, within the majority, which Laddaga has often avoided, continuing to support the presidency of the center-left minisindaca. After the council he founded the Archeomitato, with the aim of making the Romans aware of the beauties of the municipal territory, so rich in vestiges and green areas. Over the last year it has contributed to the creation of a solidarity coordination of the VII Municipality which has made it possible to distribute food vouchers and to welcome homeless people during the cold emergency.

Carlo Mazzei, a life in the PD

The other candidate expressed by the Democratic Party is the architect Carlo Mazzei. Born in Catanzaro but moved to Rome at the age of 18, Mazzei took his first steps in politics as head of the Young Democrats and the National University Network. He is also secretary of the PD section of via La Spezia 79, the San Giovanni club of the film “Oranges and Martello”. Inside that office, during the cold emergency, it helped to create spaces to welcome homeless people. In this way they were also able to benefit from the solidarity network that the 38-year-old Mazzei contributed with his club to build in the territory.

Alessandro Luparelli, the candidate of Liberare Roma

The third candidate who presents himself to the center-left primary is Alessandro Luparelli. A worker specialized in landscaping, he has been at the forefront of disputes related to the territory for years, both in terms of employment and the environment. Over the years he has been involved in the defense of jobs, for example of the workers of Cinecittà studios, but also of the redevelopment projects of the municipal side of the Centocelle Park. Among the battles in which he became the protagonist, also that for the maintenance of aggregative spaces for young people in the area. Spokesman of the Cinecittà Bene Comune network, activist of the Spartaco social center, Luparelli has joined from the very first moment the Liberare Roma movement with which he is a candidate for the center-left primary.


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