Rome, five evenings at the Monk for the ‘Philosophy Festival’

Rome, five evenings at the Monk for the ‘Philosophy Festival’
Rome, five evenings at the Monk for the ‘Philosophy Festival’

ROME – For five evenings – on 4, 12, 18 and 25 June and 1 July – arrives at Monk of Rome the ‘Philosophy festival’ conceived by Tlon, to bring philosophy among the people, at the center of public life, in a constant and active dialogue between the academy and the agora. To flourish, moreover, philosophy needs a festive immersion among the inhabitants of the new polis and therefore the five evenings – always from 6 to 10 pm – will be a real Philosophy Festival, to gather a community around words and thoughts, intertwining philosophy and literature to connect danger, salvation and the meaning of celebration.

Starting point is the verse of Friedrich Hölderlin “Where there is danger, what saves also grows” and the Festival is meant to be an opportunity to rediscover the strength to desire, rather than just hope, to free yourself from the impasse of the present. Desire will therefore be the common thread of scheduled meetings:

Aesthetics of desire – Friday 4th June with Niccolò Fabi, Aboubakar Soumahoro, Tommaso Ariemma & Lucrezia Ercoli, Maurizio Ferraris, Teresa Ciabatti, Riccardo Falcinelli and a workshop by Tommaso Ariemma;

Politics of desire – Saturday 12 June with Raffaele Alberto Ventura, Marco D’Eramo and Francesco Pacifico, Loredana Lipperini, Nancy Bauer, Francesca Recchia Luciani and a workshop by Matteo Saudino;

Hermeneutics of desire – Friday 18 June with Roberto Saviano, Emanuele Coccia, Roberto Esposito and Simone Regazzoni, Laura Campanello;

Ethics of desire – Friday 25 June with Chiara Valerio, Vito Mancuso, Ilaria Gaspari and Francesco D’Isa, Paolo Pecere, NAIP and a workshop by Matteo Saudino;

History of desire – Thursday 1 July with Massimo Adinolfi & Sebastiano Maffettone, Eva Cantarella, Pietro Del Soldà, Giulia Caminito, Valentina Petrini.

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