Conte sends home 80% of the M5S and infuriates the Democratic Party. Elections in 2022?

Conte sends home 80% of the M5S and infuriates the Democratic Party. Elections in 2022?
Conte sends home 80% of the M5S and infuriates the Democratic Party. Elections in 2022?

Nervous. To say the least, nervous. The parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement, especially those who are in their first mandate, are worried by the will (not denied and which finds confirmation day after day) to Giuseppe Conte to go to early elections immediately after the election of the new President of the Republic. Surely the former premier would find sides in the Center-right, both in the League and in the Brothers of Italy, but it is within the Movement that aspires to lead that a sort of revolt is breaking out.

From a quick calculation they make in Parliament, considering that current polls give the M5S at 15-16% compared to 33 in 2018 and given the cut in parliamentarians (400 deputies and 200 senators), about 80% of the current pentastellated parliamentarians would not return to Rome. Also because we must remember that Conte will want to include, as he has already announced, his new loyalists who come from civil society in the next electoral lists. All this leads to the fact that only a few big grillino, in the event of elections in the spring of next year, will be re-nominated and above all re-elected.

A position and a strategy that of Conte that has left even the 5 Star exponents who sit in the Conte government perplexed and that the Democratic party. Sources very close to Enrico Letta explain that the Democratic Party “will never follow Conte in this project”, according to the Dems the legislature must continue until 2023, the end of the legislature, without acting as a side to “destabilizing projects” typical of Salvini and Meloni. Rather, the alliance itself with the Democratic Party could be at risk if the former Prime Minister and former People’s Advocate continued with this idea of ​​voting after the Quirinale match.

Not surprisingly, explain from the Democratic Party, Letta did not like Conte’s Facebook message this morning (click here to read it) with which he launched a pact for Calabria in view of the regional elections. “Absolutely not agreed “and” a forward escape“, explain Dem sources. In short, Conte always – with his latest releases – closer to the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia than to his own Movement and to the Democratic Party, a party with which he should and would like to build a programmatic and electoral alliance for the government not only of the cities but above all of the country.


Conte sends home M5S infuriates Democratic Party Elections

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