PNRR, Gentiloni: for Italy an “ambitious challenge” on reforms

PNRR, Gentiloni: for Italy an “ambitious challenge” on reforms
PNRR, Gentiloni: for Italy an “ambitious challenge” on reforms

(Teleborsa) – The pre-financing of Recovery Fund of 13 per cent of the PNRR it should arrive by the end of July. The European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs said today Paolo Gentiloni, in the preview of the Trento Festival of Economics.

“In the coming weeks we can go to the markets and I am very optimistic about the response we will have. We have a precedent, Sure of support for redundancy schemes, where we raised almost 100 billion with levels of demand 15-16 times higher than the supply. We will also have the news that 30% of these euro bonds that we are going to collect for the Next Generation EU will be green bonds. (…) In summary, I think that in the coming weeks we will go to the markets, that I think the reception will be very favorable and that therefore that the famous 13% pre-financing will be possible before the summer break, therefore by the end of July. At least for the plans that arrived by the end of April, that is, that dozen plans including the Italian one “, he said.

“Certainly – continued the Eurocommissar – it was a long path because the Commission had made the proposal of the Next Generation Eu on May 27 of last year, if we think that the last national ratification arrived on May 29, it took a year. The Commission proposal was approved by the European Council before Christmas, so six or seven months after it was formulated, but this is the architecture we have in the EU. We have to get over it, certainly we must strive to make the decision to the maximum institution structure and I think we did it. “

As for Italy, in order to achieve the objectives of the Recovery Plan, will have to face one “ambitious challenge” on the reform front. “We must consider the fact that among the many unprecedented things there is also the novelty that some of the top managers of the European Commission will have to sign payments for hundreds of billions of euros for projects that are not directly able to control them. they also want to avoid being accused of making these decisions on the basis of political discretion. This is why all this attention is given to objectives and times “, recalled Gentiloni.

In verifying these objectives, however, a “weighting criterion: it is not that a goal is not reached for three days and the whole system collapses “. But” with the failure to reach particularly high levels, there is a concrete possibility that these further disbursements will not arrive “. It is therefore” very important to identify in this new reality, completely different from traditional European funds, which are there and often have national co-financing: if you are efficient you use them, if you are not you do not use them “. In this context, it is a” challenge for Italy, which not surprisingly began with some decrees on procedures, is a very important challenge. If we think that between now and the summer we need to talk about justice reform, tax reform and competition law, only these three issues are quite ambitious “.

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