Homophobia, the first rainbow bench in Milan vandalized: the complaint on social media. The area was under video surveillance

The first rainbow bench of Municipio 6, painted in the Parco Solari in Milan, was vandalized. Inaugurated together with those in the square of the Porta Genova station and the Segantini Park on 17 May as a symbol of the fight against homobilesbotransphobia and the rights of the LGBQT + community, it was found yesterday without half of the lower axis.

And to denounce the fact on social networks was Michele Albiani, rights manager of the metropolitan PD, who shared the photos of the damage. “When they told me I didn’t want to believe it – says Albiani, one of the first supporters of the project together with the president and the leader of the Pd group of Municipio 6, respectively Santo Minniti and Fabrizio Delfini – So I crossed the city to go and check in person and I saw that the very first street furniture painted in the area had been partially broken and created together with the associations of the Rainbow Coordination with towns and citizens of the neighborhood “.

Day against homobitransphobia, 13 new rainbow benches against discrimination in City Hall 6 of Milan

by Francesca Robertiello

May 17, 2021

A project of 13 multicolored benches, aimed at covering the entire City Hall 6, aiming, both in the center and in the suburbs, at the places most frequented by young people: “One of the boards was split in half perhaps with kicks, judging by how it was torn to pieces and abandoned behind the bench – explains Albiani – For now we do not know who it was, but the oddity is that out of 12 benches in the square of the Parco Solari, the only one damaged turns out to be the rainbow “. “Whoever did it will not have noticed, however, the presence of cameras – explains Santo Minniti – Thanks to the video surveillance system of the green area we will certainly be able to trace the culprit”.

As for the reasons related to the gesture, try to give a key to it Gianluca Trezzi of the Rainbow Coordination: “It strikes us that a colorful bench, a peaceful symbol of diversity and welcome, can annoy someone, but perhaps it touches a nerve that is still uncovered. – underlines – Accepting others as they are, respecting the dignity of each one is the basis of civil coexistence, but unfortunately the many episodes of discrimination, hatred and violent attacks against those who are considered different and not in line with an alleged standard, concern from also near our city “.

“In addition – adds Trezzi – there is a lot to do to promote a culture of respect and enhancement of all individuals and the Zan Bill goes precisely in this sense, not only by exacerbating the penalties for hate crimes, but rightly by providing positive tools. to educate to the recognition of the value of differences, which the beautiful colors of a bench would like to testify “. And under Albiani’s post, the Milanese left several comments of solidarity. Like Anna Rosa who writes: “I’m sorry, I went to see her two days ago and I also noted with satisfaction the presence of the red bench against mistreatment of women”. Or Cecilia who says: “If it should help, I’ll make myself available to color another 20 for a damaged one”.

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