60 buses stolen from the service for the Raggi footbridge

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 13:20

Rome, Fdi: 60 buses stolen from the service for the Raggi footbridge

“We will ask Atac about the canceled online shifts for today”

Rome, June 3 (askanews) – “We learn that today about 60 vehicles from the Magliana and Portonaccio plants were diverted from the transport service in the neighborhoods and destined for the presentation of the new buses promoted by the mayor Raggi”. The national manager of the Brothers of Italy Fulvio Giuliano denounced it in a note. “It is legitimate for the Giunta and Atac to present the new vehicles to the city, but it would be advisable to carry out this advertising initiative before the vehicles are put into service to avoid them being diverted – according to Giuliano -. We will ask Atac about the online shifts canceled for today due to the event and we will warn the Romans that if today the wait for the bus will be even longer than usual, they owe it to the umpteenth walkway put in place by the mayor Virginia Raggi ”, he continues.


buses stolen service Raggi footbridge

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