“Pay them more? You don’t even know what it’s about” – Libero Quotidiano

“Pay them more? You don’t even know what it’s about” – Libero Quotidiano
“Pay them more? You don’t even know what it’s about” – Libero Quotidiano

Freeze on layoffs until October 31st. This is the theme that ignites the fuse between Maurizio Landini e Daniela Santanchè. Battleground The Air That Pulls, the La7 morning program conducted by Myrta Merlino. “We ask to extend the redundancy block for all at least until 31 October and use this time to carry out a real reform of the social safety nets”. The general secretary of the CGIL asks “not to exasperate a social climate that risks being very heavy. People would like to have some certainty about fixed-term contracts”.

At that point it is the senator of the Brothers of Italy to intervene and ask how we should behave with the so-called seasonal workers. A question that puts Landini in obvious difficulty, who replies with an attack: “Hourly rate and how many hours they make him do are issues that must be addressed. There is the problem of paying them a little more and there is also a problem of paying them all the hours they do. This happens not because they have citizenship income, in many cases because they take too little compared to what they do … If we want to have a serious discussion let’s do it without pretense otherwise it becomes a bit fake. If you pay more and give them better conditions, you will see that you will also find people who work “.

In turn, it is Santanchè’s turn who, as an entrepreneur and a member of the Twiga bathhouse, does not like invective: “No, no. This is not an acceptable excuse, she is saying if they pay more without knowing how much they are paid, so she’s talking about nothing. I’m talking to her on the field, not on television jokes“.

But the trade unionist can no longer argue and because of a commitment he abandons the connection. At this point it is the presenter herself who asks the senator for information on employee pay. “A waiter who works with us takes from 1,300 to 1,600 euros a month, plus from 500 to 700 euros as a tip, so it doesn’t seem like an underpaid job – Santanchè points out -. if it goes badly, he takes home 2,000 euros a month. So when I say that people, between subsidies and citizenship income, prefer to take those and work two or three times a week illegally, this is the reality of the country “, he concludes.

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