Elections Calabria, Conte: “The M5s asks for a pact to the progressive forces. The candidate is an expression of civil society”

A “pact between progressive forces” to nominate an exponent of “civil society” in Calabria. After the withdrawal of the candidate dem Nicola Irto for the next Regionals, he is the new leader M5s ed ex premier Giuseppe Conte to relaunch by asking the allies who supported the Giallorossi government to converge on a single name. And the path, the former Prime Minister continues, does not start from scratch, but a click is needed. “Some efforts have already been made for start a path that elaborates a solid political project“, it is read. “But now we need to make a decisive step forward, in the name of courage and determination: the 5-star Movement is asking all progressive forces to create a wide-ranging programmatic pact”. The Democratic Party in recent days has reiterated, through the secretary Enrico Letta, the intention to try to recover Irto. Even if in the last hours the name of the writer has begun to be hypothesized Enzo Ciconte. To make the agreement more complicated is the fact that among the official candidates there is already the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris and at the moment it seems impossible for the Giallorossi to converge on support for the former magistrate.

This is also why Conte proposes to open a discussion and that it be done as soon as possible: “The Movement is willing to open a discussion table to build a project that offers better living conditions to all Calabrians, even those who have here they had no voice. Education, legality, work, health are the priorities of the agenda that we must decline together by entrusting the task of achieving this turning point to a candidate for President of the region of high profile expression of the best energies of civil society. The Calabrians ask us this. They deserve an answer, at the height ”. Precisely the pact between the progressive forces, says Conte, must help “to ensure a future of social, cultural and economic recovery for the whole Calabrian community and, in particular, for the new generations. The hard-earned money in Europe is an opportunity to score a turning point also in Calabria in order to exploit all the potential of a land rich in traditions, culture and fascinating beauty ”.

Among the first to respond was the regional commissioner Pd of Calabria Stefano Graziano: “We appreciate the intervention of the former premier”, he declared, “we believe that the analysis is fair and acceptable. The table of progressive forces and the debate on the merits of programmatic priorities has already been started for months now it is necessary to choose who should lead the coalition, whose doors are open to the whole broad field of center-left forces ”. According to Graziano, therefore, the way forward is that of the primaries: “It is the right way to follow to encourage maximum civic participation”.

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