“A settling of scores, Giorgia Meloni is in the sights” – Libero Quotidiano

“A settling of scores, Giorgia Meloni is in the sights” – Libero Quotidiano
“A settling of scores, Giorgia Meloni is in the sights” – Libero Quotidiano

The center-right takes more time: the candidates for Rome and Milan have not yet been made official. Despite the appeals for calm and tranquility that come from everywhere, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia have not yet reached an agreement that can satisfy all three. An impasse that Guido Crosetto, who has long since left the scene but is still the founder of FdI, does not like him. According to him, the center-right “is not facing the administrative to win them, but to try in some way to regulate itself internally”. The real problem, from his point of view, is that Giorgia Meloni is climbing the peaks of the polls and therefore “we must avoid that the administrative are a further element of growth for Giorgia “. The case of Rome is different in which” another game is played which is the survival of Forza Italia which unfortunately is no longer that of Berlusconi. Now somehow he wants to exist and needs to express a candidate and in fact proposes Gasparri. “A name about which there is no lack of doubts and perplexities.

At the moment the stalemate therefore remains. Furthermore, the situation may not be resolved in the short term. Matteo Salvini in this regard he has already put his hands on, convinced that June 8 will not be the definitive day: “If Tuesday will be decisive? It will be a day like any other. When we choose, we will say “, he cut short, reiterating that” there are 3-4 men and women who are absolutely capable and at a level both in Rome and in Milan. Everyone is doing his reflections and insights, then united we will choose the best “.

The nodes – as confirmed by the number one of the Carroccio – are only on the capital and the Lombard capital, for the rest “we are already in place in more than 1000 municipalities that go to the vote” while on Rome and Milan “for the size, the difficulty e the heavy legacy of Raggi and Sala we need a few more days of reflection. “However, the first names appear on the table: for the Capitol the challenge is between Enrico Michetti (supported by FdI) and the juvenile judge Simonetta Matone (supported by FI). For Milan, on the other hand, the game seems more complex where there is, among others Mariarosa Racca, president of Federfarma.

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