Smog: in Milan from 9 June ztl and stop as in pre Covid

Smog: in Milan from 9 June ztl and stop as in pre Covid
Smog: in Milan from 9 June ztl and stop as in pre Covid

Starting from 9 June, with the end of the school year, the Municipality of Milan will reactivate Area B, the Ztl that corresponds to almost the whole city, Area C, the Ztl of the historic center, with hours 7: 30-19: 30, the paid regulated parking reserved for residents. The situation with regard to the bans on mobility therefore returns as in the pre-Covid period, due to the progressive increase in traffic in the city. Since the entry of Lombardy into the yellow zone, the data of private traffic in the city have undergone a progressive increase, as explained by the Municipality: compared to 2019, the congestion index is 47% higher, while the entrances to Area C of the subject vehicles fees are 37% higher.
Switching on Area B and restoring Area C at the end of the school year will avoid consequences on the level of public transport. With the absence of students, in fact, passengers will decrease in the most critical hours and, thanks to the Pact on the timetables of the city promoted by the Prefect and the Mayor of Milan, we will continue to avoid the concentration of passengers in the hours of greatest use,? 8 and 9 in the morning ?. Furthermore, in recent weeks, according to data from the Municipality, there has been an increase in the use of bicycles and shared vehicles.

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Smog Milan June ztl stop pre Covid

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