“Is the left afraid of seeing me as prime minister?” – Corriere.it

“Is the left afraid of seeing me as prime minister?” – Corriere.it
“Is the left afraid of seeing me as prime minister?” – Corriere.it

That they are different, in terms of political views and attitudes, it was very clear. And the clash had already touched on the story of the tears of Minister Bellanova, when the leader of the Brothers of Italy had spoken of a coup de theater, while the deputy of Italia Viva defended the emotion of the outgoing minister.
Even on civil unions the discussion was heated: “La Boschi says nonsense, it is right that the mayors make conscientious objection”, he said Giorgia Meloni throwing arrows at the address of Maria Elena Boschi. And therefore it is not too surprising that Boschi, guest of theAir that pulls on La7, when the host Myrta Merlino asked her if she would like Meloni to become the first female premier, she replied dryly no, explaining: “I prefer that there is not a sovereign Prime Minister, who leads a party that would have denied us the funds of the Recovery Fund. I do not ask for discounts and I do not make discounts as a woman, I believe it is right that men and women compete on the same line ».

An utterance that the leader of Fdi did not like, who shouted at the lack of female solidarity, stressing that the left is afraid to see her as prime minister.

«And what are you surprised by Giorgia?», Replies Boschi on Twitter. «I repeat it aloud – specifies Boschi -: I will never want a prime minister like you, sovereignist, anti-European, against Draghi. Female solidarity on a personal level is good. But on the political level I am proudly on the opposite side to yours ».

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