North Milan, today is World Bicycle Day

North Milan, today is World Bicycle Day
North Milan, today is World Bicycle Day

Today (from 2018) it is the World Bicycle Day and we at Nord Milano generously celebrated it last week with a special dedicated to the Giro 2021, which passed right on the roads of our municipalities. We still want to take advantage of it today to celebrate this often too underestimated means of transport. It is true that during the lockdown the bike was rediscovered, for various reasons, and manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand.

In our Special we talked about cycle paths (a much discussed topic), easy itineraries and within easy reach, such as the one inside the Grugnotorto Park. We also mentioned the possibility of using electric bikes as alternatives to “muscle” ones. We also talked about many stories born from the passion for bikes and cycling.

The bike is fast enough, used gradually by everyone, according to their training and aptitudes. There was talk of encouraging its use to avoid both the crowding of public transport and the congestion of car traffic. There is a lot of talk about cycle paths, some have been built, others will arrive. Unfortunately, not a few, like in Milan, were built with crazy criteria and following ideological logic, to the detriment of the overall mobility of cars and pedestrians.

We hope for a future within everyone’s reach.


North Milan today World Bicycle Day

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