Rome, driver asks to wear a mask but is punched. Hunt the attacker on the run

New assault on a bus in Rome. While it was stopped at the stop of via Galvani, a driver of the 350 line was attacked by a passenger whom the driver had asked to «wear the mask». This was announced byAttack explaining that at the invitation of the driver the man launched him a punch in the face and then he ran away. The police intervened on the spot. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment.











“There’s Covid, put on a mask.” Train conductor insulted and attacked: “Pushes and threats, risk every day”

Rome, reproaches a couple because without a mask: stabbed on the bus

“The episode follows by a few hours the one that took place yesterday at the Tobagi terminus, where another Atac worker was attacked by a traveler who wanted to board a bus with a bow and arrows – continues the company – . Atac, in firmly condemning the incident and expressing solidarity with its employees, invites all citizens to respect those who, with their work, allow the functioning of an essential public service, guaranteeing the right to mobility.

He wounds the driver of the Atac bus in the face with a broken bottle and then runs away: he was asked to wear a mask


Rome driver asks wear mask punched Hunt attacker run

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