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In the end, he is always the bulwark against which Italian aperturists clash. Roberto Speranza da Potenza, also known as the Minister of Closures, put a spoke in the wheel of government colleagues and the Regions on the tables in the restaurant. It is not the first time, it must be said. And if who was right about the white or yellow areas will be understood only after today’s “technical” meetings, for sure what remains of these two days of poisons is the strengthening – if ever there was a need – of the role of “spoilsport” that the leader of Leu has sewn on himself.

He rightly points out Osho that perhaps the idea of ​​limiting the number of guests to the restaurant to 4 came to Speranza taking into account the number of voters who make up the basis of Article 1. Poisonous joke. But that well represents a situation that Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo would define as Kafkaesque. Imagine being a restaurateur struggling with the rules to reopen the eating activities even indoors. The victim is in front two articles of the same dpcm that contradict each other. The guidelines that say one thing but are not certain are correct. And the government Faq that do not clarify a meritorious anything. For the technicians of the Ministry of Regional Affairs, led by Mariastella Gelmini, the maximum limit of four people at the tables only applies in the yellow zone. Everything revolves around article 27 of the dpcm of 2 March 2021. The colleagues of the Ministry of Health, commanded by the upright Hope, however, disagree: in the white zone the same rules apply as for the yellow one. Therefore no more than four diners both outdoors and indoors, except for cohabitants. “The rules are the ones that everyone knows, we have not made new ones”, Speranza leaked in the newspapers. But if someone has turned up their nose there will be a reason.

To consider the rule too restrictive are obviously the trade associations. But also the Regions, which did not expect this “autonomous interpretation” that “it had not been officially proposed and is unmatched“. Fedriga is furious, also because his Friuli (together with Molise and Sardinia) is already in “white” without certain rules: yesterday some restaurateurs risked a fine. Gelmini on Tuesday evening brought all her disappointment to the newspapers, convinced as it is that the “restrictions should be considered over“. The two under-secretaries of Hope also took sides against “their” minister. And it seems that the first Draghi he was not so happy with Roberto’s flight forward. He says he feels neither isolated nor surrounded, but the pressure to move the “spoilsport” comes from many quarters. Even from within the Democratic Party.

After all, the leader of Leu is like that. He shoots straight, speaks little, declares only when he ends up in the viewfinder more than normal. Today its North Star is called “graduality“, Perhaps burned by what happened a year ago, when he devoted part of his summer energies to writing a book only to find himself hit by the second wave. There will be no technical meeting to settle the table issue: he is in the United Kingdom for the G7 of Health Ministers to discuss the green pass (another complication). However, he will give the green light to a compromise so as not to let “chance” arise: in the white area you can sit without limits in the restaurant, but only outdoors.

You will say: trifles. Maybe. But in the meantime by 21 June the question will concern all the regions of Italy ready to switch to white. How do you “reopen” if you do not first clarify the rules for doing so? It is not the first time that the “interpretations” of the rules put Italians in difficulty. And – tables aside – some pockets of uncertainty about the “reopenings” remain even now. Just think of weddings: the rules provide that guests can take part in the celebrations only if equipped with green pass. But who is responsible for verifying it? To the newlyweds? Or to the manager of the accommodation facility? For the guarantor of privacy to neither of them: only the police can ask a citizen to show the certificate of immunity. Watching all weddings in Italy is obviously impossible. Will Hope take care of putting herself at the entrance of the restaurant to be a “spoilsport”?

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