Memories live, they don’t belong to us: 2 June, women, Milan

Memories live, they don’t belong to us: 2 June, women, Milan
Memories live, they don’t belong to us: 2 June, women, Milan

I don’t know if the rhetoric of June 2 has passed its mark in the name of the restart. To me the Republic Day with the virus evoked some memories: when as a curious student I found Risorgeva Milano (1953) by Antonio Greppi (1894-1982) on a stall; an interview with Bianca Ceva (1897-1982); listening to Laura Conti (1921-1993) in the Region; a resolution of Maria Paola Colombo Svevo (1942-2010).

The book of the Mayor of Liberation (socialist, but in exergue cites Sant’Ambrogio: “My youth will be renewed like the eagle”) I was struck by the title: the imperfect is the past that continues, the present says, promises the future : it’s time for fairy tales. There is no more real story than life when all of us are at stake. I had met Bianca Ceva taught at Manzoni; the newspaper was looking for witnesses of the Resistance; I went; he told himself, his family, the need for young people to know the sacrifices from where democracy was born. He gave me his book: Tempo dei Vivi: 1943-1945; he noted in it: «Reviewed by Montale in Corriere in 1954».

Della Conti followed for years the interventions in the Regional Council. It fought for prevention and environmental protection. Her school: doctor and partisan; forerunner of virus times. One day Colombo Svevo called me: «Stop!». DC Councilor for Social Services blocked the sale of the former Eca assets: in an investigation I had turned on the light; in the control room they were sharing the cake. Memories don’t belong to us. Greppi had rebuilt La Scala in record time: on 11 May 1946 Toscanini directed, returning from exile. Art is a friend of civil and political choices. Bianca, Laura, Maria Paola: three of the women who, on the wave of June 2, practiced the long walk of female citizenship.

Shakespeare writes: “We go to meet time as it seeks us.” On 2 June he “looks for us” day by day. If we pretend nothing has happened or run away from the responsibility of the meeting, it would be regression, oblivion, darkness, death. Memory is vital energy for us, service to the community, to those who do not know, to those who will come. Remembering is a way of being, a spirit that nourishes the desire to continue, it is a republican renewal. Daydreaming is life!


Memories live dont belong June women Milan

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