Rome, Farmacap towards liquidation: “Solution of merger or recapitalization”

Rome, Farmacap towards liquidation: “Solution of merger or recapitalization”
Rome, Farmacap towards liquidation: “Solution of merger or recapitalization”

ROME – The eventual liquidation of Farmacap, obliged with at least four of the last five negative balance sheets, “It does not automatically mean bankruptcy, because there could be either a recapitalization of the company or a merger” with Zetema, as already feared by the Capitoline junta. This is said by Jacopo Marzetti, new extraordinary commissioner of the special company Farmacap, an instrumental body of Roma Capitale, speaking in today’s session of the Capitoline Transparency commission, chaired by Marco Palumbo (Pd) and requested by the opposition and the trade unions. The councilor for the Budget and Strategic Coordination of the subsidiaries, Gianni Lemmetti, absents from the meeting despite the invitation.

To illustrate the reasons for the request for a meeting was Simone Marazziti, of Ugl Terziario Farmacie: “We want to understand once and for all why the credit we have towards the V Department and which is worth about 1 million and 100 thousand euros is not paid. It would certainly not solve Farmacap’s problems, but it would alleviate economic fatigue by allowing the payment of suppliers and wages and fourteenth of the workers ”.

“I was appointed commissioner a few days ago but I am trying to give a constant presence signal to ensure maximum transparency, also given that they told me that up to now there has been a problem of connection with the social partners and trade unions: also for this reason I have called a permanent table ”, explained Marzetti. Farmacap, he underlined, “is a creditor towards Roma Capitale of about 1.1 million, but at the same time it is a debtor of 600 thousand euros. The commissioner of Roma Capitale pays the debt at 20% on the basis of the principle of par condicio creditorum, for this reason the final figure would be much lower and we do not want to create tax damage, therefore we are taking a series of actions to see if it is possible to offset this credit, even if the bankruptcy legislation has objective limits. In 2022, however, the commissioner will be able to pay its debts 100% “.

As regards the credit with the Social Services department of the Capitol, the commissioner underlined, “the report is being made and we are working to be able to claim this sum as soon as possible: it would be very important in terms of cash liquidity, which is a problem, but also for the four-fifths of the balance sheets which, if the data with respect to the preliminary balance of former commissioner Susanna were confirmed, would lead to the liquidation of the company. However, this liquidation does not necessarily have to be seen as negative, because there could be either a recapitalization of the company or a merger. These are political choices that will be taken by the Executive to the Capitoline Assembly ”. Furthermore, “I would like to report that, precisely for cash needs, on Tuesday I requested a cash advance on the future sale of real estate: it would be very important because it would give liquidity to the company”.

Responding to the doubts and questions raised by the members of the commission, Marzetti recalled that “Ordinary liquidation is not bankruptcy, which instead must absolutely be avoided”, reiterating that “from 2013 to 2020 no budget was approved, now the commissioner body is deliberating on 2020”, and that “I will do everything to get to the payment of the fourteenth, but the current situation does not allow to pay neither the suppliers nor the fourteenth. For me, the payment of workers is essential, the fourteenth is an absolutely necessary right but we must find a balance: we will try to do everything, but there are difficulties and time is needed, after which we will ascertain the responsibilities of this situation which cannot be of the Common because there was a commissioner “.

The group leader of Left X Rome, Stefano Fassina, addressed the M5S-led administration: “A few weeks before the elections, with the advice that if it were not for the pandemic it would have already ended, you do not have the legitimacy for an induced liquidation or corporate transformation of such an important and delicate company. Find a way to save the company, since you brought it to us in these conditions ”.

The chairman of the Capitoline Social Policies Commission, Agnese Catini (Mixed Group) said instead “very perplexed by the statements made by Councilor Lemmetti in my commission according to which Farmacap would not be within his competence, but then it is not clear why the resolution on the budgets came out of his department. It is absurd what he said and also the answer to my question about what prevented them from making a board in the meantime: I would have expected an answer such as that a commissioner acts more quickly, instead he said that the board would be free of charge , while the commissioner is for consideration. All this after a procedure, also onerous that, for the selection of the board of directors. It is scandalous – concluded Catini – to apply all the responsibilities and competences to the councilor Mammì now ”.

“After a period of difficulties and problems, Farmacap until a few years ago had become one of the flagships of the Capitol”, commented Palumbo. “Before the commissioner it was a functioning company that provided countless services in the social field, had returned to being competitive on the market, was profitable. Today unfortunately – concluded the president of the Transparency commission – with clear and ascribable political responsibilities, we are in a very complicated phase of the company but we will not miss our attention on this issue: even if our mandate is about to expire, the commission will also meet in the coming days to monitor the situation, because we are in a crucial moment for the future of the company “.

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