’30 new hybrid buses presented, 70 more on the way’

’30 new hybrid buses presented, 70 more on the way’
’30 new hybrid buses presented, 70 more on the way’

Today we unveiled 30 new Mercedes Citaro hybrid buses that will enter service tomorrow. These cars anticipate the 70 more than by autumn they will be handed over to the city. “He said Giovanni Mottura, Sole Director of Atac.

“It is a really good opportunity to start immediately with the investments envisaged in the arrangement plan – added Mottura – This is the first Atac self-financing investment of a sustainable nature. In this way we take a step forward compared to the traditional fleet by going to buy, with a race that Mercedes won, a vehicle that has very interesting characteristics in a future perspective. These buses, in addition to reducing emissions and consumption, are equipped with a technology that allows them not to have a recharging battery. The cars are equipped with supercapacitors that store energy and release it in order to allow savings“.

“I like to think that this is one of the future steps that the company will have to take to move towards greater sustainability – said the CEO of Atac – All this also avoids the disposal problem we have had in the past years. The electric fleet in fact requires higher maintenance and higher costs because the batteries also have to be replaced on a scheduled basis “.

“With the arrival of these vehicles, the number of buses that have come into operation since 2017 is about 900 and this data allows us to say that the fleet is finally undergoing a concrete renewal. if we manage to maintain this pace, we will have a complete overhaul of the fleet over the next four years. Consequently, we will be able to begin to be a normal company that can renew its fleet over a decade, avoiding all the problems that have characterized the company in recent years “.


hybrid buses presented

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