LET’S SAVE THE PLANET of entrepreneur Rossella Pezzino

LET’S SAVE THE PLANET of entrepreneur Rossella Pezzino
LET’S SAVE THE PLANET of entrepreneur Rossella Pezzino

“SAVE THE PLANET” is the message of the shots exhibited in Rome by Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo, one of the most important Italian entrepreneurs in the waste recycling sector

“Building the future in an ethical way, for our benefit and the Earth we live in” this is the thought of the baroness and visual artist Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo, one of the most important Italian entrepreneurs who made her business and passion for art two tools to “sow Beauty”.

The evocative shots of nature made by the artist from Catania will be exhibited from 10 June to 15 July at the Galleria of the Angelica Library in Piazza S.Agostino 8 in Rome in the personal exhibition “Colore, Calore, Movimento”. The title not only refers to the interior landscape of the author, passionate activist in the fight to defend the environment, but above all shows nature as a “mental place where time and space give way to the imaginative dimension”. Yes, because de Geronimo not only actively works to safeguard the ecosystem and environmental sustainability – the company it heads operates in the reduction and disposal of waste – but creates evocative works in the field of photography and holography, visionary. In the shots the landscape, the sea, the sky are memories, references, revelations, moods. And its presence is fixed there, in those desolate lands where the colors appear altered, emphasized, or it is in the rocky labyrinths of the Grand Canyon, between the vermilion and the glitter of the Colorado River. For de Geronimo every scenario is timeless, every clod is a stratification of culture, identity, past and future, every journey around the world is a destination of “belonging” that she discovers with amazement and wonder. Man is absent in every photograph because the artist loves the roofless night, the smiles of the fog, the wind that speaks.

Between Mario Giacomelli and Franco Fontana his photographic production is a synthesis, a sort of “purification of the superfluous” that surprisingly adds and does not subtract from that constant and universal desire to enter into a profound connection with creation.

“Color, Heat, Movement” is a perpetual and cyclical motion of Time, Energy, Life between Human, Spiritual and Absolute. All the works on display are presented in giglée prints on baryta paper under plexiglass except the holograms of which one with the same title “Color, Heat, Movement”, the second “Future” and the third “The dance of love”, these reproductions three-dimensional images recorded with a “coherent” beam of light and since 2012 at the center of his research. Unique is the common thread of the exhibition which lies in the mystical and symbolic search for suggestive silent atmospheres experienced and transfigured in the sensitivity of the author where courageous and daring is the choice to renounce the speed and noise of the world to tune in to those channels of intimate observation. in which sounds and noises heard are only those of the Soul.

Personal exhibition “Color, Heat, Movement”

Location: Gallery of the Angelica Library, Piazza di S. Agostino 8, Rome

Preview (by invitation) 10 June at 5.30 pm

Free admission – from 11 June to 15 July

Opening hours Mon./Fri. 9.00-16.15; Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 9.00-18.30; Closed on Sunday

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