Minister scientist Cingolani and the riddle of the damned waste at the table for Roma-

Minister scientist Cingolani and the riddle of the damned waste at the table for Roma-
Minister scientist Cingolani and the riddle of the damned waste at the table for Roma-

The oldest plague in Rome, the garbage, will have to be taken care of by the most modern man in the current government. In fact, it is up to Roberto Cingolani, a great physicist, new minister of ecological transition, a man with an international background of absolute importance (Italian Institute of Technology, Max Planck Institute, University of Tokyo), to resolve a damned question that has stagnated for decades. Tomorrow, in his ministry, the Municipality and the Region will sit around a table. Zingaretti gave Raggi 60 days to indicate one or more sites where the Roman waste could be unloaded. Once that time has passed in vain, at the beginning of August the waste management of the Capitol will be commissioned: a trusted manager of the Region will arrive and take action.

Raggi, meanwhile, argues that it is not up to her to decide alone: ​​the sites must be chosen in agreement. Indeed, as his councilor Ziantoni makes clear, they should not be chosen: in the Ama industrial plan sent to the Region it is already written that new plants are needed in Rome. The thesis, according to the Zingaretti junta, appears incongruous: if I ask you to tell me where to park a car, you cannot answer me arguing that helicopters are needed.

The question on the table of the great innovator Cingolani is precisely this: a certain lack of communication and many tabs on the part of both sides. One of all, the waste-to-energy plants, a solution in use in all the big (clean) cities of Northern Italy and Europe.

If it had been planned at the time of the closure of Malagrotta, an obligatory choice made years ago but without real alternatives, today it would not be necessary to bother a great scientist, expert in robotics and artificial intelligence, to find a solution to the very old and, in some ways miserable, issue of Roman waste.

Moreover, it should be remembered, if this solution is not found by the end of June, from 1 July we will experience a small apocalypse under the house, in the streets where we live. In fact, the contract with Emilia Romagna expires on the 30th, which has allowed us to hide (or almost) the problem so far: we send every day 200 tons of undifferentiated, and amen. But this amen (which is very expensive for citizens’ pockets) will end, and the bins – in the absence of alternatives – will be submerged by bags. Without saying that this should be the summer of rebirth, of the return of tourists, of hope. Is this what we want? Is this what we will be forced to live through because of fallacious administrations? No. Let’s hope not. We would prefer a solution born of natural common sense or, if needed, artificial intelligence. Rome, everyone knows, is not formalized.

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