Plot against Meloni, Crosetto accuses Lega and Forza Italia – Il Tempo

Plot against Meloni, Crosetto accuses Lega and Forza Italia – Il Tempo
Plot against Meloni, Crosetto accuses Lega and Forza Italia – Il Tempo

Ronny Gasbarric

03 June 2021

“It is rather obvious”, as the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti states, that in the end the center-right will find a candidate for Rome and Milan. Yet so far, from the various tables convened (and upset) by the coalition, the white smoke has not yet arrived. The next appointment is set for Tuesday, with the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, who assures that “there are no tensions” but only “a patient work” to identify the best names. A research that is taking weeks away because, the Cav emphasizes, “it is difficult to find candidates if we look for them as we want them: not politicians, but people who with their personal history have shown ability to work, seriousness, concreteness, experience to be put at the service of the community “.

At the moment the stalemate remains, with the leader of the League Matteo Salvini who avoids circling the date of next 8 June in red. “If Tuesday will be decisive? It will be a day like any other. When we choose, we will say “he cuts short, reiterating that” there are 3-4 women and men who are absolutely capable and of a level both in Rome and in Milan “. “Everyone is doing their reflections and insights, then united we will choose the best ones” he stresses, recalling that “we are already in place in more than 1000 municipalities that are going to vote” while in Rome and Milan, “for the size, the difficulties and the he heavy legacy of Raggi and Sala needs a few more days of reflection ». For the capital it seems now that we have reached a match for two: on the one hand the “tribune of the radio” Enrico Michetti (supported by FdI), on the other the juvenile judge Simonetta Matone (supported by FI). The issue in the Milanese capital is more nebulous, where among the many facts there is also that of Mariarosa Racca, president of Federfarma.

In the coming days, the parties will continue to seek an agreement, with Toti pushing on the accelerator. “I hope the candidate issue ends well, and quickly too.” “We have narrowed the squad,” he stresses, but he also admits that “when you have to deal with so many heads it is never easy to line things up”. «Michetti or Matone for Rome? Giorgia Meloni, who I believe knows the capital well, said she had analyzed the situation and considered Michetti appropriate. I said that his choice would be ours, so Michetti is welcome, but Matone is a highly respected magistrate. On Milan instead Salvini took a few hours, I hope they are concluding hours. I hope it was the last summit because otherwise it risks becoming a bit Waiting for Godot ».

Guido Crosetto, one of the founders of Fratelli d’Italia, gives a different interpretation of the impasse in progress, according to whom the center-right “is not facing the administrative to win them, but to try in some way to regulate “. The real problem, from his point of view, is that Meloni is rising too much in the polls and therefore “we must avoid that the administrative are a further element of growth for Giorgia”. «On Rome – he explains – another game is being played which is the survival of Forza Italia which unfortunately is no longer that of Berlusconi. Now somehow he wants to exist and needs to express a candidate and in fact proposes Gasparri ».

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