Paderno, the pensioner has never had a driving license – Chronicle

Paderno, the pensioner has never had a driving license – Chronicle
Paderno, the pensioner has never had a driving license – Chronicle
The car flew into the park

It is under investigation for very serious injuries e driving without a license the retired 72-year-old who yesterday overwhelmed a three year old child inside the North Lake Park of Paderno Dugnano. The man, according to what was reconstructed by the Carabinieri coordinated by Prosecutor of Monza, never obtained a driving license. The little boy was still hospitalized in serious condition, transported by helicopter rescue to the hospital in Bergamo, after being mowed down in full by the Citroen of the elderly man, who swooped down on him from a panoramic terrace in the park. Meanwhile, the little one’s life is literally hanging by a thread. He is hospitalized at the Papa Giovanni hospital in Bergamo in intensive care, but the doctors call his condition very complicated. Immediately after the accident he had suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated on the spot. Wednesday evening a second arrest that had forced the doctors to carry out new resuscitation maneuvers on the little body. At the moment the doctors are not ruling on the outcome of a prognosis that is all uphill for him. Meanwhile, the judicial authority is carrying out all checks on the author of the investment. A 75-year-old man from Milan who inexplicably went to the green oasis on the outskirts of Milan, located inside a quarry, on Wednesday morning, and had taken a steep path by car, absolutely forbidden at any means. The pensioner had already undergone the seizure of his license and car in March. This puts him in a very serious condition. He will have to be held criminally liable for very serious injuries.

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Paderno pensioner driving license Chronicle

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