three wounded and long queues to Milan

three wounded and long queues to Milan
three wounded and long queues to Milan

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03 June 2021 12:41

Accident on the A4 Milan-Brescia motorway in the late morning of Thursday 3 June: three people were injured following a crash between trucks that took place between the Rho barrier and Milan (in the direction of the capital).

Everything happened a moment before 11, as reported by the regional emergency company. According to an initial reconstruction, two trucks were involved in the accident while three men aged 47, 51 and 69 were injured. Rescue operations are in progress: the 118 operations center sent two ambulances and the helicopter rescue to the scene. The firefighters of the provincial command of Milan are also working on the spot, freeing a man from the sheets of the vehicle.

The exact dynamics of the accident are being examined by the Polstrada, which intervened on the spot for the findings. Autostrade signals a long queue towards Milan.


wounded long queues Milan

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