god, king and founder of Rome

The three-day conference dedicated to the founder of Rome is held in Ariccia and is organized by the “Raffaele Pettazzoni” Museum of Religions

From Bristol, Oxford, Vienna, Antilles, Madrid and beyond to Ariccia to discuss Romulus, god, king and founder of Rome. From today, professors and experts will give life to three days of conferences on the figure of the first king of Rome. They will do so in that Ariccia halfway between the sacred wood of the Nymph Egeria and Lake Nemi, the place of the legendary Rex Nemorensis whose figure opens “The Golden Branch” by James George Frazer, founding text of cultural anthropology.

On the other hand, it could only be so if we think of the figure of Romulus: between the divine and the earthly, he was a man between the real and the eponymous. According to the legend, he ascended to heaven while he was fighting a battle. On the basis of written testimonies he was instead killed and dismembered by the senators, who considered him a despot. Still according to the legend, the Lapis Niger, discovered in 1899, was consecrated to Romulus. In that place, however, there was no trace of his body, as well as in his (presumed) tomb found last year.

In any case he was deified in the figure of the god Quirinus. On his myth of founder the Romans built an empire based above all on military and civil institutions whose foundation is attributed to him. The famous comedy “The Seven Kings of Rome” by Luigi Magni, magnificently interpreted by Gigi Proietti, also speaks to his figure and his “testament” (a historical metaphor), which gave Rome the historical role of conquering the world. directed by Pietro Garinei.

Beyond the comedy there is the figure of the founder, studied all over the world, as emerges from the written sources and the finds. On those will be based the conferences that will begin today in Ariccia and will end on 5 June next. The program of conferences organized by the “Raffaele Pettazzoni” Museum of Religions of the Calliope association is intense and interesting. To download it click here.

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