Who can get vaccinated from today

Who can get vaccinated from today
Who can get vaccinated from today

From today, Thursday 3 June, all regions can start administering coronavirus vaccines to all age groups, as announced Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. From today, moreover, as Francesco Figliuolo, extraordinary Commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency had already anticipated, internal vaccinations can begin for companies that decide to do so.

Nonetheless, it is up to the individual regions to decide when to open reservations even to the youngest and therefore, as has already happened so far, the openings will take place in different times and ways from region to region.

In Abruzzo from 2 pm on Thursday 3 June all people over 16 years of age can book. The opening of reservations for the age group between 12 and 15 years will take place in the next few days, but no date has been indicated.

In Basilicata at the moment the date for the opening of reservations for all age groups has not been communicated. To date, the last open bookings are for people over 50 years old.

In Calabria from 3 June all people aged 12 and over can book.

In Campania from 22 of June 2, vaccine reservations are open to all people aged 12 and over.

In Emilia Romagna from 3 June, those over 40 years of age who had signed up for a pre-membership in recent days will receive an appointment for vaccination. On 4 June, all those over 40 years of age not yet registered will be able to book. From 7 June it will also be possible to book people between 12 and 39 years old. Vaccinations will take place in stages by age group, giving priority to those born between 2002 and 2009, and tour operators.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia from 3 June, vaccine reservations are open for all people who are at least 16 years old.

In Lazio at the moment the latest open bookings are those for people aged between 40 and 43, after they had also been open to older age groups in recent days. No date has been communicated for the opening of bookings to other age groups. Vaccination without reservation was also open from 1 to 3 June for students who have to take the final exams.

In Liguria currently people aged 40 and over can book, while from June 4, people aged between 35 and 39 can also book (online only). Anyone wishing to book in another way can do so from 7 June. Reservations will be made in batches: on 7 June 30-34 year olds can book; on June 8, 25-29 year olds; and on 9 June 20-24 year olds. Thereafter, reservations should also be open to people under the age.

In Lombardy from 11 pm on 2 June all people between 12 and 29 can book for the vaccine.

In the Market At the moment, reservations are open for people over 40, and for all people aged 16 and over who have other diseases that can aggravate the coronavirus infection. Furthermore, from June 2nd and until June 6th, maturing students can get vaccinated without reservation.

In Molise from 3 June, people aged between 30 and 39 can book, while for the 20-29 range, bookings will be open from 5 June.

In Piedmont from 3 June, people aged between 16 and 29 can book. The last open bookings had concerned the 30-39 year old range. Also from 3 June, people between 18 and 28 years old can book the vaccination during the Open night organized on Saturday 5 June (between 9.30 pm on Saturday and 3.30 am on Sunday night) at the Reale Mutua hub in Turin. The reservation will be possible until the thousand places available are exhausted.

In Puglia from 3 June all over 16s can book. Until now, the booking was limited to people over 40. Reservations will be made in batches: June 3 will begin with those born between 1982 and 1986; June 5 will be the turn of those born between 1987 and 1991; June 7 to those born between 1992 and 1996; June 9 to those born between 1997 and 2001; and June 11 to those born between 2002 and 2005.

In Sardinia from June 4th, vaccine reservations will be open for all people aged 16 to 39, after those over 40 years had been opened in recent days.

In Sicily from 3 June reservations are open for those between 16 and 39 years old.

In Tuscany from 7 June reservations will open for people over 16 years old. Reservations will be made in stages, depending on the year of birth: on June 7, those born in the two-year period 1992-1993 can book; on the 8th it will open for the two-year period 1994-1995; on 9 to 1996-1997; 10 to 1998-1999, 11 to 2000-2001-2002; and on the 12th for the three-year period 2003-2004-2005.

In Trentino from June 3, people aged between 45 and 49 can book for the vaccine, and from June 7, reservations will also be open to those between 40 and 44 years old. In South Tyrol, instead, from 3 June reservations are open to people between 16 and 18 years old: from 27 May they were open to all over 18 years old.

In Umbria as early as May 31st all people aged 16 and over can book for the vaccine.

In the Aosta Valley at the moment an opening date has not been communicated for bookings of all age groups. The latest open bookings had concerned the age group 40-49 years, with comorbidities, or with diseases that can increase the risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19. On June 2, however, there was the Astra Open Day, which all citizens over the age of 18 were able to join, who were given the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In Veneto from 3 June reservations are open for all people aged 12 and over.

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