from 9 June Area C anticipates at 7.30 and Area B- is switched on again

from 9 June Area C anticipates at 7.30 and Area B- is switched on again
from 9 June Area C anticipates at 7.30 and Area B- is switched on again

The last school bell marks the return to the past. From 9 June, the fight against traffic and pollution in Milan tries to cancel the Covid parenthesis. a sort of recovery of normalcy, even if motorists (and those forced to choose the four wheels to get around) do not like it. The start of the kids’ holidays will see Area C recalibrate on the old schedules and Area B come out of hibernation. The yellow and blue stripes will also be restored on Wednesday. Turning on Area B and restoring Area C at the end of the school year will avoid consequences on the level of public transport, explain from Palazzo Marino.

The ticket in the city center anticipates the halved time that had marked the first part of difficult coexistence with the virus. You will therefore pay for the entrance to the Cerchia dei Bastioni already from 7.30 (today we leave at 10.30). The LTZ will be in operation for twelve hours, until 19.30. And with the access bans for diesel vehicles euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and petrol euro 0 and 1.

Area B also changes. Or rather, he wakes up from sleep forced by the health emergency. The maxi Ztl anti diesel engine designed to limit the circulation of the most polluting vehicles recovers its old hours: from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, from 7.30 to 19.30. Also from 9 June, therefore, on most of the Milan area, entry to diesel vehicles euro 0, 1, 2 and 3, petrol euro 0 and 1 and to all vehicles over 12 meters in length will be prohibited. 145 cameras will take care of the comings and goings: 55 already active, the rest as the pre-exercise period ends. Another 43 electronic devices will be installed and progressively activated during the year.

Chapter stop. The yellow stripes will return to being reserved for residents, as will the blue stalls at the paid parking. The control service of the parking ban on the occasion of street cleaning will also be restored. Specific exceptions will remain in force for people working in the health and social and health sector of the emergency – specified by the Municipality – and the suspension of Area B for diesel euro 4 will continue until further notice, in line with the provision taken by the Regions of the basin Po Valley.

The yellow zone data pushed Palazzo Marino to resort again to the whole range of measures on mobility. From the day of the color change, compared to 2019, the congestion index higher by 47%, while the entrances to Area C of vehicles subject to payment are higher by 37%. With the resumption of many activities – explains the councilor for Mobility Marco Granelli – the city needs to move in safety and functionality: now that the school year is over, we can reintegrate traffic management measures, the protection of neighborhoods from parking and by crossing traffic, maintaining and reinforcing the commitment to safe and effective public transport, and to an ever greater use of sustainable mobility of bicycles and sharing. Finally, the invitation to choose sustainable solutions to move around the city: If citizens who can do so choose to use the bicycle, all those who have no alternative to using the car, as well as surface public transport, traffic service and goods will be able to move better, with benefits on air quality.

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