Car in the park overwhelms a family: a three-year-old child is dying – Chronicle

Car in the park overwhelms a family: a three-year-old child is dying – Chronicle
Car in the park overwhelms a family: a three-year-old child is dying – Chronicle

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Paderno Dugnano (Milan) – An accident which is unbelievable what happened yesterday around noonl North Lake park, a green lung created inside a former quarry on the outskirts of Paderno Dugnano. A 75 year old man he smuggled into the park in his car, a Ford Focus, and he has fully invested a family walking peacefully along a meadow.

To have the worst was the couple’s son, only 3 years old, who remained for several minutes due to the collision unconscious and with a steady heart. Now he is in desperate conditions atPapa Giovanni hospital in Bergamo. The accident left astonished the rescuers and the police who intervened in the green area, crowded with people who intended to spend a day of peace in the midst of nature. Even the Milanese family had chosen the green oasis of Paderno for a different day.

Unfortunately, everything broke when the car driven by the 75-year-old crashed from above, from a scenic path, and hit the little family who was walking around looking for a place to sit for a picnic. On the spot, in addition to the 118 letters and the regional helicopter rescue personnel, the mayor Ezio Casati also intervened and said he was distraught. “A truly inexplicable tragedy. We hope the child can recover.”

The motorist, resident in Milan, is not unknown to law enforcement. It seems that he already has several accidents against him, the last of which occurred in last March when it came to him driving license seized. Yesterday morning he entered the park from the gate in via Valassina, where fishermen who frequent the lakes that have become a sport fishing reserve normally park.

Inexplicably it has took a service path, breaking through some metal barriers. He walked down part of the narrow street, then continued straight along a stone staircase, breaking through the metal parapets. A jump into the void of about 3 meters at the end of which it hit the little family. The condition of the child immediately turned out to be very serious. Her little heart would stop beating for a few minutes.

He was revived and transported by helicopter to the hospital in Bergamo, accompanied by his mother, who was also injured, but in a light way. The father was rescued for some bruises and a finger injury. The driver of the car was also less seriously injured and was taken to Niguarda to be subjected to checks also from the point of view of psychophysical balance. It is unclear whether he was confused or drunk. Nor is it excluded that his gesture may have been premeditated with the aim of taking his own life. But only he can give an answer to the Carabinieri of the Tenenza di Paderno.

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