Child invested in the Milanese: 72-year-old driver had his license revoked and the car seized

03 June 2021 12:14

The 3-year-old boy who was mowed on Wednesday is still hospitalized in very serious conditions. The driver who turns out to be an offender is also serious

In prognosis reserved for Bergamo – The child had been transported by helicopter rescue to the Bergamo hospital after being mowed down in full by the old man’s Citroen, which fell on him from a panoramic terrace in the park. His condition remains critical and the prognosis remains confidential. On the other hand, the father and mother of the child were unharmed.

Without a license and with the car seized – The Public Prosecutor of Monza Claudio Gittardi confirmed that the old man had obtained his driving license – contrary to what had previously emerged – but it had then been removed. The man, Italian and with a criminal record, is intubated and in serious condition at the Niguarda hospital (Milan). The little one is still hospitalized in critical condition at the Bergamo hospital. Among the hypotheses being examined by the investigators – the investigations are in the hands of the carabinieri of the company of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) – also that of illness, but driving in a state of alteration by alcohol or substances is excluded. At the moment, the 72-year-old remains under investigation for very serious road injuries and driving without a license.


Child invested Milanese #72yearold driver license revoked car seized

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