Rome, shark alert on the coast: attracted by the clean sea. The Captaincy: “They attack if in difficulty”

A close encounter with the shark. It doesn’t happen on Amity beach in Spielberg’s fictional film, but offshore Santa Marinella, a holiday resort within walking distance of Roma. And after the last few episodes the invitation to the caution of the port authorities. Sharks, attracted above all by the clean sea – according to what experts are ascertaining – could be an increasingly permanent presence off the Roman coast. “Even if they attack only if in difficulty – specifies the coast guard – never let your guard down and always be careful”.

It is Tuesday afternoon, when a fisherman thought perhaps he was dealing with a big tuna, which he had taken the hook, but when the fish put its snout out of the water he realized it was a shark. Medium in size, between two and three meters. A blue shark, a blue shark.

THE HYPOTHESIS – Some think it may also be a baby white shark, which might suggest that the mother is still around. The man’s wife, terrified, shoots a video and the shark’s story goes viral. A sighting that of Santa Marinella that follows that of the morning of 21 May last one mile outside Fiumara Grande, in Fiumicino, where Alessandro Sanna, a 49-year-old plumber, had a bad time after being overturned with his entire boat five meters from a shark almost as long as a boat. Was it the same shark? There are those who exclude it, but the alarm on the beaches in the province of Rome has already gone off. It is already alarming for the presence of sharks that roam undisturbed, perhaps in schools, and that go towards the shore, almost close to the beaches of the most famous and already crowded holiday resorts of Lazio.


FIUMICINO – After the near tragedy, just a few days ago in Fiumicino, where a shark attacked, capsized a boat and threw into the water a man who, in terror, was rescued by other fishermen, more recently, another specimen of this species has been seen off the coast of Cerveteri. The latest misadventure involved a sports fisherman from Santa Marinella and his wife. An experience they won’t easily forget. Certainly it does not happen every day to be chased, and then bitten by the hook, not a fish, albeit of enormous size, but a shark.

An event, not uncommon, if you sail the waters of the Pacific Ocean, but which becomes an almost exceptional event if everything happens less than two miles off the coast of Capolinaro, in a very popular stretch of coast, especially in the summer. , from boaters on small boats or rafts, often with divers on board, but also tourists eager to take a dip in the open sea. The story, in a few hours, after the publication of an amateur video on social networks, went viral. The fin, that sort of identity mark of this species, could not give rise to doubts. That huge fish, which wriggled and was about to reach, no good with what intentions, their boat had all the characteristics of the dreaded shark, a recurring nightmare of so many daydreams and fears, when, over forty years ago, in cinemas all over the world, the projections of the series of films followed one another dedicated to the one that in fiction, but also in the collective imagination, became the dreaded killer fish species.

FEAR – The fright must have been a lot but, while keeping a cool head, the woman was shooting a video with her mobile phone, the fisherman noticed that his finned prey, after having struggled, was heading back towards the open sea. They were safe, though perhaps bewildered by what had happened. «We must be careful – reassures Cristian Vitale, commander of the Port Authority of Santa Marinella – even this episode must not strike fear. From the vision of the images it can be deduced that it is a blue shark ». “The sharks that may be present in our waters to follow currents, clean water and food. They hardly come to get close to the shore, unless – the experts conclude – they are in difficulty ».

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