“Damn, never again … disgusting”, unprecedented outburst – Libero Quotidiano

“Damn, never again … disgusting”, unprecedented outburst – Libero Quotidiano
“Damn, never again … disgusting”, unprecedented outburst – Libero Quotidiano

President Sergio Mattarella celebrated June 2nd yesterday the birth of the Republic, but perhaps he was not so enthusiastic about having to organize the celebrations: here is his hilarious speech to the Nation aired at Strip the News on Channel 5. Obviously, this is one of the “deepfakes” made by the satirical news channel Mediaset. “Dear Italians and Italians, like every year it is up to the president in charge of buying the decorations for the party. Damn, never again“snaps the head of state.” I come now from Marione’s shop but she doesn’t even have the greeting cards. That’s disgusting! “. Then President Mattarella gets serious:” We have to start from values. We lived through hard, very hard days, but we got out of it and all of Europe recognized it, except the French. “Then Gerry Scotti ironically asks the viewers:” But was it Mattarella or our Dario Ballardini? “.

Obvious answer. Sergio Mattarella, of course, made a completely different speech. “Seventy-five years have passed since, with the vote in the referendum of June 2, 1946, the Italians, choosing the Republic, began to build a new history. Even today we are at a turning point in our path after the two great global crises, the economic one. financial and that caused by the pandemic. As it was then, this is the time to build the future, “said the President of the Republic.

“It was not an easy start, seventy-five years ago. Italy was divided: the Republic had prevailed by two million votes, but the result had not been homogeneous and, in a country on its knees, there was the risk of a split between the South and the North “, continued Mattarella. “It was precisely the republican choice that made it possible to root, in the profound sentiment of the people, the reasons for a stronger unity and cohesion, favoring the unfolding of new energies, of new protagonists in public life”.

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Damn disgusting unprecedented outburst Libero Quotidiano

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