Tourism, Otex survey: turnaround in May after a deep red April

Tourism, Otex survey: turnaround in May after a deep red April
Tourism, Otex survey: turnaround in May after a deep red April

Non-hotel tourism registered a turnaround in May after a deep red April: a Milano we go from -80% in April 2021 to -50% in May 2021, one of the best data since the beginning of the pandemic, to Roma from -82% to -65%, a Florence from -84% to -71%. This is what emerges from the projections of Otex, the first observatory on non-hotel residential tourism in Italy promoted by the Property Managers Italia association. The easing of the anti Covid measures, therefore, has begun to bear fruit in terms of tourist flows, closing an April month that had registered huge losses. Venice and Florence, two of the country’s main tourist destinations, recorded an 84% decline in turnover in April compared to the pre-Covid period. Less extreme, but still dramatic the data of Palermo, Bologna, Verona and Turin, which in April 2021 settled around a loss of -70%. “At the beginning of 2021 we have seen a trend very much in line with the restrictions imposed by Covid – comments Marco Nicosia, CEO of Full Price and data analyst of Otex -. In fact, since the beginning of the year, the trend in turnover has had ups and downs precisely due to the arrival of the third wave and the related restrictions.

The month of May, however, marked a turnaround and, especially the second half of the month, brought positive effects, and this figure seems to improve significantly in the coming months. Regional and national openings push bookings and give a strong signal of trust to managers who can also count on the great desire to travel that is registered after a year of closures “. As regards the offer of non-hotel facilities, however, the trend is still downwards: the month of April recorded the most negative data ever in terms of open activities with a reduction in the offer of more than 30% compared to the same month of 2019. “This data – comments Stefano Bettanin, president of Property Managers Italia, national association of residential tourism and CEO of Rentopolis and Shomy – denotes on the one hand the difficulties that the department has had and continues to have in keeping its activities open, for which concrete support from the State would be needed, but on the other it can also be seen as an opportunity for the active structures that, in this complicated 2021, will have less competition ”.


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