the “plan” for the next elections

the “plan” for the next elections
the “plan” for the next elections

What will the future of Matteo Renzi? With the latest polls indicating Italia Viva at around 2%, in recent weeks many have feared a possible farewell to political life at the end of this legislature, to devote themselves full time to his new consulting company.

The Everyday occurrence instead now he tells us about a Venetian dinner between Matteo Renzi and Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of the lagoon city he has just founded Courage Italy together with Giovanni Toti and a piece of Forza Italia.

In fact, the hypothesis would be that of one centrist coalition, formed not only by Italia Viva and Coraggio Italia but also by Action of Carlo Calenda, which could stand in the next political elections.

A kind of third pole alternative to the center-right by Matteo Salvini-Giorgia Meloni and to the new center-left, which will be formed not only by the Democratic Party and the Left but also by the 5 Star Movement.

For the Done, a great weaver of this moderate weft would be Denis Verdini, father of Francesca Verdini, current girlfriend of Matteo Salvini and an influential former member of parliament of Forza Italia, now under house arrest where she is serving a final sentence of 6 years and 6 months.

Renzi in government with Salvini and Meloni?

See you next political elections, which could be held a year in advance if Mario Draghi in February 2022 were to decide to move from Palazzo Chigi to the Quirinale, the most probable hypothesis is that of one tripolar scenario.

Come on Italy so it appears destined to split up, with Silvio Berlusconi and his loyalists ready to merge the party with the League, while the more moderate wing would join the ranks of Courage Italy.

The new movement wanted by Toti and Brugnaro could thus be one of the components of a moderate pole ready to welcome, in addition to the various centrists and + Europe, too Matteo Renzi e Carlo Calenda.

According to polls, such a coalition could aim for double digits, making it the classic balance needle for the formation of a government at the end of the next political elections.

Denis Verdini’s “plan” would provide for the support of the centrists for the birth of a center-right government, with Matteo Renzi thus becoming the indispensable crutch for an executive led by Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni.

After all, since the Draghi government was born, the positions of Italy Viva they were punctually closer to those of the center-right, with the Renzians who would now also be braking on the Zan bill.

Salvini and Meloni, however, could have the strength to win the elections without the help of this possible third pole, even if a lot will depend on what will be the electoral law with which the Italians will be called to vote.

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