The allies tighten on Rome and Milan. “There are three or four good people”

The allies tighten on Rome and Milan. “There are three or four good people”
The allies tighten on Rome and Milan. “There are three or four good people”

The chess game on the candidacies of the center-right continues. The next summit is set for Tuesday and the commitment is to arrive at the new rendezvous with neutral assessments on the real consent of the candidates and perhaps even with an agreement already in the pocket. Everyone is aware that we have already gone beyond the maximum time and now we need to tighten, at least as regards the Capitol where a survey gives the center-right far ahead, at least for the first round, with Lega and Fratelli d’Italia that on the maximum level of the fork could be around 19% and Forza Italia at 6.6%.

“There are three or four smart and high-level women and men both in Rome and in Milan, everyone is doing their own reflections, their own insights, then together we will choose the best ones,” says Matteo Salvini. The leader of the League has pledged to review all potential candidates and express his preference, especially for Milan, perhaps even proposing new names he would be working on and on which he should have answers over the weekend.

If in Milan the goal still appears far away and for Bologna the name of Andrea Cangini appears, for Rome the choice appears restricted to Simonetta Matone, supported by Forza Italia and the Lega, and Enrico Michetti, supported by the Brothers of Italy. Yesterday Affaritaliani revealed that the labor lawyer is a member of the guarantee committee of the Veneto Region for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Cortina and Milan, as an expert in administrative law, and is a member of the scientific committee of the Region led by Luca Zaia for autonomy , or rather for the negotiation for the additional powers that should be devolved to Veneto after the consultative referendum of 22 October 2017. Forza Italia also wants to have its say on the choice of Rome. For the capital “it must be something more than a candidate for mayor and we at Forza Italia are insisting on the quality of the choice. If there is no winning ‘civic’ candidate, the best would be Maurizio Gasparri ». In any case, “Forza Italia does not play a secondary role in the choice”. Giovanni Toti, on the other hand, suggests that once a small group has been defined, Giorgia Meloni will choose for Rome and Salvini for Milan, given their respective geographical origin.

The feeling is that it is above all Lega and Fdi who have to agree and overcome internal competition. “The problem with the center-right is that it is facing administrative procedures to try to regulate itself internally,” said Guido Crosetto, former Fdi parliamentarian. “The problem of the center-right is called Giorgia Meloni, it is growing too much, we must avoid that the administrative offices are a further element of growth for her”. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, however, will meet Mario Draghi today. “We have points of contact with Draghi,” he explained two nights ago at Porta a Porta. “When we talked we found ourselves in a good climate. I asked him, respecting the roles, to meet him periodically. I will urge you to relax on freedom. It is a question that I want to ask and it has become very serious, we have many proposals for the survival of our companies “.


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