There is no more transparency, the Trenta slams the door and leaves the M5s – Il Tempo

There is no more transparency, the Trenta slams the door and leaves the M5s – Il Tempo
There is no more transparency, the Trenta slams the door and leaves the M5s – Il Tempo

Elisabetta Trenta leaves the M5s. He announces it with a post on Facebook and also talks about it during the episode of Stasera Italia, a program hosted by Barbara Palombelli.

“I leave the 5 Stars, more precisely this Movement. I leave with so much pain but without the regret of not having believed it and not having tried it until the end. This is no longer the house of transparency, of democracy from below, of participation and consistency with values ​​that are and will remain mine anyway. I leave because the courage to go against, when necessary, has been overshadowed by personalism, because too many compromises and reversals are the negation of the dreams of those who believed in us . Dear Luigi I will always be grateful to you for having wanted me as Minister of Defense, giving me a great and unique opportunity. I felt proudly part of your team. We had to and wanted to change the country and instead, among too many fears, the Movement has changed. my part, and you know it well, I have never given in on our essential values ​​even when some have turned against me trying to infirm me. The States General had been promised a carried out, a great participatory reflection to start again and instead, not to admit that the base is elsewhere, everything quickly ended up in a drawer. I leave but I do not leave politics, I go down here, just to start over! I thank all those who followed me, who defended me, who asked me to take care of them and who believed in me. I will always be there for everyone, no matter the party and I will always be ready to work with those who believe in the values ​​of a young, dynamic and innovative Italy, fair, strong, fully inserted in the European, NATO and international context, a bridge for dialogue with the Mediterranean and with Africa, land of poets, artists, heroes, saints, navigators, and inventors, a place of beauty where every citizen of the world would love to live, study and work! And wherever I go, I will take with me the values ​​that made me join the Movement and that today force me to leave it to realize them. Today there is a need for competence, seriousness and heart and I will not stop making them available to the dream of making our country and our world a better place for our children “.

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