“We have programs and leadership to lead Italy”

“We have programs and leadership to lead Italy”
“We have programs and leadership to lead Italy”

Fdi has programs and ruling class to lead the country, strongly supports change and renewal but, above all, has long since come to terms with the historical legacy of the past. The president of Fdi, Giorgia Meloni, writes this in an intervention published by “Corriere della sera” with which she replies to an editorial by Ernesto Galli della Loggia, of which, she premises, does not share some arguments.

First of all, the credibility of its ruling class: “Fdi has a great depth made up of exponents, at all levels, with a long political history, administrative experience, student commitment, associative roots. No improvisation in our part. Just as sorry that Galli della Loggia also repeats the unfounded thesis according to which we should begin to “study the problems and decline their solutions.” Without controversy, it would have been enough to read the party programs, the congressional theses, the numerous bills filed and the battles carried out for years “.

“It is to these theses, serious and concrete, carried out with tenacity, without fluctuations – adds Meloni – that Fdi owes its success”. Furthermore, in the opinion of the president of Fdi, the thesis according to which the party would pay “the aversion of the country’s ruling class for a justified, in her opinion, ‘anti-fascist prejudice’ is unfounded. Things are much more complicated than that. It is very true that Fdi is not organic to the current system of power and influences that govern the state machine “.

Unlike the Democratic Party which “is the party (…) that represents the defense of the status quo in Italy and Europe, Fdi is instead a force that calls for change and renewal. We do not have the hostility of the ruling class of the Nation: they look to us with hope many magistrates, public leaders, servants of the state, academics.

“We know – Meloni points out – that they will try by any means to prevent us from governing and change too many things that are wrong”. Finally, the fascist past, an inheritance on which according to Galli della Loggia, Fdi must not “mislead” the speeches. “Fascism – Meloni objects – is not an Italian ‘peculiarity’. The whole of Europe has been involved and overwhelmed by the ideological fury of Nazism, Fascism and Communism. We wanted to definitively address the issue in 2019 with an act of great courage: the Resolution of the European Parliament on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe with which all the totalitarianisms of the twentieth century are condemned.

“We voted for it without any hesitation together with the conservatives, the popular, the socialists, the liberals from all over Europe. Only the extreme European left and the whole Italian left, including the Pd, had problems following this path. The exception in Europe in terms of the relationship with the past and with totalitarian regimes, it concerns the Italian left, not the Brothers of Italy. It is time for Italian politics to deal with this anomaly that risks marginalizing our nation in the international context “, he concludes Melons.

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