a child changed Italy- Corriere.it

a child changed Italy- Corriere.it
a child changed Italy- Corriere.it

A small child on a spring day – which, however, feels like summer for how warm it is – crosses a field to go home. Is on vacation. He will never go home. The parents look for him desperately, and then those moans. Of which only hours later someone notices. This is how the eyes of Italy in 1981, a fragile country, imprisoned in the years of lead, lost in a world in the balance, look out on a tragedy that will not have a happy ending. This is the story of Alfredo Rampi, who died at the age of 6 at the bottom of an artesian well in Vermicino, not far from Frascati, after 36 hours of agony, 18 live on TV. 40 years have passed since that Wednesday 10 June. Franca Rampi, the mother, and Ferdinando, the father, are still with us. Riccardo, Alfredino’s younger brother, died on May 16, 2015 after a night at the disco: he was 36 years old and was at a bachelor party. But this is not only and only the story of a tragic destiny, which overwhelmed a family and shocked Italy.

Angelo, who three times was on the point of saving him

Walter Veltroni has reconstructed and recounted a few years after Alfredo’s agony in a book, The onset of darkness, and all that it meant. Up 7 – on newsstands on Friday 4 June with Courier service – there is even more: the writer retraces the intersection of events that changed the perception of the infinitely large and dramatically small world that revolved around us. Alfredo, who became Alfredino, changed us: the same day he fell on deaf ears, Roberto Peci, brother of one of the first repentants of the Red Brigades, Patrizio, was kidnapped and then killed in revenge. Everything is held. This story is read in a masterly way. There were mistakes, there were heroes. Angelo Licheri, the little Sardinian, took into account the risk of dying and went into the dark, upside down for 45 minutes: he was there, he was suffering, he was hungry, he was running out of pee. He tried to catch it, three times it escaped him. After the last attempt she blew him a kiss and came back: wounded, bloodied, forever distraught. Nando Broglio, firefighter, father of 4 children, talked for hours with the imprisoned child. Until the end, when a probe determined that Alfredino’s heart had stopped beating.

The errors of the time and the new Sky series

Everything was tried, much was wrong. In July 1969 we went to the moon, a little over a decade later we were unable to save a child. Veltroni: “I wrote then: in heaven there is God, at the bottom of the earth the devil”. Wherever God and the devil are, we know the lost child is still with us, more than we imagine. The actress Anna Foglietta played in the Sky Original mini-series in two episodes that we will see on 21 and 28 June, “Alfredino-Una storia italiana” (on Sky Cinema and streaming on Now), Franca Rampi: «A tenacious, exceptional woman. The Civil Protection was born thanks to her », he says. “He who is dear to the gods dies young”: these are the words of Menander, a Greek poet born 300 years before Christ. It takes an enormous mental effort to try to understand such a thing, so cruel yet so sweet. Just like the taste of the stories that will never leave us.

Ammaniti-Trevi: “Friendship saves us”

There is also space for reflection on private lives in the blue section of the magazine: Two important Italian writers, Niccolò Ammaniti and Emanuele Trevi, from Rome, children in the same Parioli district, same high school but in different years, then the friendship born after the university, tell Luca Mastrantonio about their parallel lives as inseparable ones that success in the common profession has not divided. They are certain that their relationship has “saved” them from so many difficult situations. Now the challenge is to grow old together.
7 this week’s portfolio is about horses: Chiara Mariani talks about the photographic project of the British photographer Tim Flach, specialized in animals, dedicated to horses from all over the world. A tribute to faithful and often neglected companions in human history that ranges from the royal gardens of the Emirates to the Russian plains, to the prairies of Utah. Through real portraits of splendid specimens of Friesians and Arabs, which the photographer often loves to immortalize even in his studio.

The second, awaited season of Lupine

And in the final section of the newspaper there is the “playlist of the week” entrusted to Renato Franco, a space that is the new 7 – the second issue of which is on newsstands tomorrow with the new graphics – dedicates in its renewed format to programs to follow on TV, smartphone, tablet. Five pages of advice and curiosities for those who love big and small stories. Entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, films and the best series at the start, chosen by the experts of the Spettacoli editorial staff Courier service. In the pages of Canvas & Screens so we come across the new (highly anticipated) second season of Lupin with Omar Sy, to then move on to Loki – Marvel hero / anti-hero – up to the in-depth study on Facebook case: scandal on the Net or to the movie The Mauritanian dedicated to the long and unjust imprisonment in Guantanamo, of an alleged bomber of the Towers, a true story that 7 discussed in the Foreign section of the magazine. As on every issue there is the tv personality of the week, this time Valerio Lundini. And, on the cover that opens the section, focus for the series Genius: Aretha, eight episodes on the queen of soul. Up Corriere.it even a video clip.

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