Meloni silences everyone: “We are not like the 5S”

Meloni silences everyone: “We are not like the 5S”
Meloni silences everyone: “We are not like the 5S”

The advance of Brothers of Italy it does not stop so much that in a few weeks it could become the first political party in our country. In this way, especially in the case of early elections, the party could lead the center-right coalition and Giorgia Meloni he could become prime minister. But the question that many people ask on the left is always the same: is FdI really endowed with a good ruling class if it is called upon to take over the reins of Italy? In an article by Galli della Loggia for the Corriere della Sera several doubts have been raised, arguing that Brothers of Italy “it has no real relationship with the heart and soul of the country’s ruling class“.

Meloni promptly replied to the professor’s theses, who always on the columns of Corriere della Sera wrote a letter specifying the real situation of FdI. First of all, the former Youth Minister wanted to clarify the differences from 5 Star Movement, emphasizing that it is the only political force that has not ruled with the grillini and that they are completely different entities: “FdI has a great depth made up of exponents, at all levels, with a long political history, administrative experience, student commitment, association roots. No improvisation in our part“. Therefore it considers”unfounded“Galli della Loggia’s belief that the Brothers of Italy should start”studying problems and declining their solutions“.

FdI and anti-fascism

FdI is also accused of the aversion to “ruling class of the country“for a reasoned one”anti-fascist ruling“. Meloni also wanted to answer on this point:”FdI, on the other hand, is a force that calls for change and renewal“. Adding that he has absolutely no hostility from the ruling class of the Nation:”A great many magistrates, public officials, servants of the state, academics look to us with hope“. He warned anyway.”those who live on position income, the ‘Palamara system’, those who receive undeserved gold pensions, those who make a career for their bias and not for their merits“, warning them that the Brothers of Italy will try to fight them by any means.

But Giorgia Meloni knows very well that in her path she will meet those who will try to put the stick. A disruptive action on the part of those who would like “stop us from governing and changing too many things wrong“. And he took the example of Rome, where he is convincing the allies to bet on Enrico Michetti for the next administrative elections: in his opinion, the well-known lawyer and radio commentator of the capital would be able to free the city”.from the swamp of profiteering and mismanagement into which it has fallen“.

The problem of the Italian left

Still on the subject of fascism, Meloni insisted that this is not an Italian “peculiarity”. In fact, he recalled that in 2019 the issue was definitively addressed, through the Resolution of the European Parliament on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe, which condemns all totalitarianism of the ‘900. Voted together with conservatives, popular, socialists and liberals from all over Europe. Instead, he denounced the problems of the European and Italian left, including the Democratic Party, on this front: “The exception in Europe in terms of the relationship with the past and with totalitarian regimes concerns the Italian left, not Fratelli d’Italia“.

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