Giro d’Italia Under 23, is the fair of the best young people

Giro d’Italia Under 23, is the fair of the best young people
Giro d’Italia Under 23, is the fair of the best young people

Today from Cesenatico the first of the ten stages of the 44th edition. Spanish Ayuso, 18, is the favorite. Coach Cassani: “Fundamental race”

If it is true that great races are defined as such for the roll of honor, the Giro d’Italia Under 23 is the flagship of the young planet. From 2017 to today, since it returned to the calendar after the painful cancellation of four years (from 2013 to 2016), the winners were runners such as Sivakov (2017), Vlasov (2018) and the Pidcock phenomenon (2020: Monday was fractured the collarbone in training with the time trial bike, no Tour of Switzerland), all people permanently in the World Tour teams. And on the podium (2nd in 2018) also Joao Almeida climbed, 4th in the Giro 2020 and 6th in 2021 In short, the Giro Under 23 that starts today from Cesenatico, from the Pantani home (which he won in 1992), is good news for everyone. As well as an obsession for Davide Cassani, who in the years of the “hole” had fought strongly – together with the Federation – for the restoration.

The numbers

“It is a fundamental test for many reasons – says the coach -. First of all because our young people can test themselves against the strongest peers in the world and therefore understand how much they are worth: it is a path of growth necessary to pass between the greats. And then because this is a race that doesn’t lie: you face the same climbs as the professionals and this time the chronometer is back too, to make everything more balanced and truthful “. The Giro Under 23, now in its 44th edition, will cross five Regions: Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Trentino, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Veneto. The total number of kilometers from Cesenatico to Castelfranco Veneto, which will arrive on Saturday 12, is 1323.9, for a total difference in height of 18,450 meters. The time trial (25.4 km) is in the fourth stage, while there will be three high mountain sections before the closing for the sprinters. 176 runners at the start, representing 35 teams from 14 countries. New: this year an exception to the regulation has been created and runners born in 1998 can also participate, a category that last year saw the calendar cut down by the pandemic. “A right thing – continues Cassani – to allow the many who in 2020 had limited activity to run”.

I nomi

The big favorite is Spanish (from Barcelona) Juan Ayuso, 18, who races with the Colpack-Ballan team and already has a contract until 2025 with Tadej Pogacar’s UAE Emirates. In this first part of the season Ayuso took home the Piva Trophy, the Giro del Belvedere and two stages and classification of the Giro di Romagna. Several opponents: from the Irish Ben Healy to the Belgian Henri Vandenabeele. Italian chapter: the most prominent seem to be Andrea Pietrobon, who is doing well this season, Edoardo Zambanini, white jersey last year, and Marco Frigo. Marino Amadori, Under 23 coach: “A 10-day stage race for a young rider is essential. And the Giro Under 23, which attracts the best there is in the world, is an essential appointment. In these days we will understand much of our future “.

At the start in 176

At the start there are 176 riders from 35 teams (18 Italian).

1 Gloag, 2 Healy, 21 Ayuso, 23 Gazzoli, 24 Martinelli, 31 Belleri, 44 Pietrobon, 54 Piganzolli, 62 Hellemose, 65 Santaromita, 71 Benedetti, 75 Zambanini, 82 Coati, 85 Puppio, 113 Colnaghi, 151 Garofoli, 154 Vandenabeele , 162 Balmer, 175 Tarozzi, 181 Ginestra, 211 Frigo, 234 Vinokourov, 244 Quinn, 245 Riccitello, 252 Popov, 262 Bobbo, 271 Calzoni, 281 Agostini, 285 Rocchetta, 331 Charmig, 332 T. Johan-nessen, 333 A. Johannessen

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