«The relationship with the past? We against totalitarianisms. The problems are on the left »- Corriere.it

«The relationship with the past? We against totalitarianisms. The problems are on the left »- Corriere.it
«The relationship with the past? We against totalitarianisms. The problems are on the left »- Corriere.it

I consider the editorial dedicated to us yesterday by Galli della Loggia to be a sign of great consideration for Fratelli d’Italia. The professor says that Brothers of Italy could soon be the majority party of a center-right government and therefore called to lead the nation. Already the fact that the Corriere della Sera do you think this hypothesis is “probable” is in itself pleasant news. However, I do not agree with the rest of the analysis made. FdI would not have a ruling class up to the task, as it was for the M5S. The comparison, however, does not hold up. And not only because we are the only political force not to have ruled with the grillini, but because we are completely different entities. FdI has a great depth made up of exponents, at all levels, with a long political history, administrative experience, student commitment, association roots. No improvisation in our part. Just as it is unfortunate that Galli della Loggia too repeats the unfounded thesis according to which we should begin “to study the problems and decline their solutions.”

Without controversy, but it would have been enough to read the party programs, the congres thesessuali, the numerous bills filed and the battles carried on for years. Our positions can be challenged on the merits, God forbid, but we cannot argue that they are not clearly stated. And it is to these theses, serious and concrete, carried out with tenacity, without fluctuations, that Fratelli d’Italia owes its success. This is the element that often escapes in the analyzes of us. FdI would also pay, according to Galli della Loggia, the aversion of the “ruling class of the country” for a reasoned, in his opinion, “anti-fascist ruling”. Things are far more complicated than that. It is very true that FdI is not organic to the current system of power and influences that govern the state machine. We are proud of it. The Democratic Party is the party of the “Deep State”, as the Americans would call it, the one that represents the defense of the status quo in Italy and in Europe.

FdI, on the other hand, is a force that calls for change and renewal. We do not have the hostility of the ruling class of the nation: many magistrates, public officials, servants of the state, academics look to us with hope. We are the terror, however, of those who live on position rents, of the “Palamara system”, of those who receive undeserved golden pensions, of those who make a career for their bias and not for their merits. And yes, we know that they will try by all means to prevent us from governing and changing too many things that are wrong. We are seeing it in Rome in the face of the hypothesis of having as mayor of the capital a person prepared and with popular support such as Professor Enrico Michetti, who could finally free Rome from the swamp of business and mismanagement into which it has fallen.

“FdI must not divert the discourse on fascism every time”. I am surprised to hear it repeatedto make this statement even from a cultured person like Galli della Loggia. Fascism is not an Italian “peculiarity”. The whole of Europe has been involved and overwhelmed by the ideological fury of Nazism, Fascism and Communism. We wanted to definitively address the issue in 2019 with an act of great courage: the Resolution of the European Parliament on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe with which all the totalitarianisms of the 20th century are condemned. We voted for it without hesitation together with the conservatives, the popular, the socialists, the liberals from all over Europe. Only the extreme European left and the whole Italian left, including the Democratic Party, have had problems following this path. The exception in Europe in terms of the relationship with the past and with totalitarian regimes concerns the Italian left, not the Brothers of Italy. It is time for Italian politics to deal with this anomaly that risks marginalizing our nation in the international context.

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