“The woman who pocketed the advance already involved in similar episodes”

“The woman who pocketed the advance already involved in similar episodes”
“The woman who pocketed the advance already involved in similar episodes”

Protests from stand holders registered for the “ghost” Fair of Palazzo Ferrajoli multiply. An exhibition organized by some private individuals inside the historic building in Piazza Colonna, in the heart of Rome. At first the event for artisans, traders and collectors was supposed to take place on 15 and 16 May but then was postponed to a later date despite the payment to occupy – in fact – the positions in which to exhibit the products.
The alarm that not everything seemed in order was raised by the lawyer Federico Ferro Luzzi, lawyer of one of the traders who was supposed to participate in the event. But now new reports are coming from other operators. The content of the protest is always the same: failure to return the balance paid for the stands, 200 euros, paid in cash or by bank transfer to the organizer of the Fair a few days before the date indicated.
But in an email dated May 9 – as confirmed by the interested parties – the Expo was postponed for “bad weather” (despite being entirely indoors). The company Aristoevent (acting in the name of Palazzo Ferrajoli) specifies through the lawyer Stefano Palma: “The rooms of a building inside Palazzo Ferrajoli have been made available, with the relative contract, for an event on days 15 and 16 May 2021. Then by the organizer there was a request to move the dates to 22 and 23 May, but the assisted company did not agree. Aristoevent has not received any sum under this contract, neither from the organizer nor from any other eventual participants ».
Many dark and strong points are the concerns of the subjects involved: “By doing a search on the internet – explains Ferro Luzzi – the organizer of the Fair would in fact be involved in similar events, reported by the press, with the collection of money for courses, internships and markets promised and never held “.

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woman pocketed advance involved similar episodes

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