On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 3 June: L’ancien régime. Campania gives itself reversibility

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 3 June: L’ancien régime. Campania gives itself reversibility
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 3 June: L’ancien régime. Campania gives itself reversibility

Virus created in Wuhan: “fingerprints”

The origin of Sars-CoV-2: the new hypotheses

Fondi Lega investigation

Centemero, the 60 mln outlet deal

The analysis of the PCs seized in the study of the Bergamo-based company Dea Consulting attributable to the accountants of the Lega Andrea Manzoni and Alberto Di Rubba is proving to be a gold mine for the Milanese magistrates, who after having crystallized the case of the Lombardy Film Commission regional foundation ( Lfc) now point to the alleged black funds and the top of the […]

Cold War – Movement

5S, Casaleggio challenges Crimi and asks the Guarantor for time

Rousseau’s patron ignores the regent’s messages and turns to the Authority, asking 30 days to deliver to the M5S the data of the members


The recluse Verdini recommends Renzi to Toti and Brugnaro

New party – At the bedside of B. e BE


Robot paid with public money. But used by private doctors

The deal – The 1 million console funded by the State University and the Region


No assignments to ethnic groups. Racism reigns at court

The Guardian reveals: Buckingham Palace has been exempted from minority protection laws


Franceschini’s “Netflix”: few contents, higher prices

The cultural platform has all the limits of Chili TV – Concerts, clips and movies

of Leonardo Bison

The speech

Mattarella beats the parties: “More responsibility”

“Seventy-five years have passed since the Italians, choosing the Republic, began to build a new history. As it was then, this is the time to build the future ”. Sergio Mattarella delivers a dense speech in the courtyard of the Quirinale for the Republic Day. Less solemn than last year, in Codogno, when the pandemic […]

Unified newspapers

But the Quirinale is also wrong on “Azelio”

The typo on the plate for Ciampi becomes a pretext for the anti-Rays campaign – Always propaganda

The campaign – Reservations. Random

Vaccines without age groups only in ten regions

The first to leave, except for hitches, are Lombardy and Campania, which as of yesterday evening planned to open to bookings of vaccines without age limits from 12 years upwards. Today the Veneto is added. General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo immediately adhered to the indication received by the Covid-19 emergency commissioner: “From 3 June – he said […]

of A. Man.


Dinner, that big mess of the 4 at the table: today the decision

The discussion, for anyone who has taken even just a few steps in the center of any city (moreover even in the yellow zone) between mass aperitifs at sunset and internal rooms of the premises already set for dinner, will appear surreal, but is causing a lot of discussion: in the white zone, how many people can […]

of You are. Approx.

The student

Egypt extends Zaki’s imprisonment again Another 45 days in prison, it will reach 480

Another 45 days of preventive jail. And at that point it will be 480. In Egypt, in theory, it could not be more than two years. Preliminary detention for Patrick Zaki has been extended for the umpteenth time. The lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, one of the lawyers following the affair, announced the outcome of the hearing held on Tuesday. The student […]

The deal

EU fiscal transparency? Made to measure for multinationals

Mega-companies will have to publicly disclose revenues and taxes country by country: but this only applies to Europe and tax havens laugh – After five years

of Sigrid Melchior e Harald Schumann *


The newspapers and idle waiters: “But they offer 300 euros a month …”

The hotel manager – “They ask for trained people and then …”

Tv and parties

The decision-maker Draghi gets bogged down on Rai: appointments postponed to July

The agreement on the president is missing – Public service

United States

Alaska, Biden stops the drills that Trump had unleashed

The Biden Administration takes another measure against fossil energy and pulls a pen stroke, yet another, on a controversial decision by the Trump Administration: as of yesterday, the licenses for drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a protected natural area in the northeastern part of the state of Alaska. The order, issued by the internal secretary […]


The kidnapping industry: the “400 Mawozo” gang

The Italian kidnapped – The criminals are demanding half a million dollars to free him. It is only the latest undertaking after similar actions on foreign children and religious

of luana of micco

Israel – The change. Quarrels in the coalition

Herzog new president Lapid, the government starts badly

An ambivalent day yesterday for the Israelis: with bated breath to the last on the outcome of the exploratory mandate entrusted to the leader of the opposition, the centrist Yair Lapid, to form a new government without Benjamin Netanyahu, while the Knesset chose the eleventh president. By secret ballot, the 120 members of the (single-chamber) legislative assembly chose the […]

The rediscovery – The Grand Tour of the French brothers

A dream called Venice. The Goncourts and the “magical” city

“By the way, are you sure that Venice exists? Perhaps it is an imaginary city, built for the needs of dramas ”. So wrote Jules de Goncourt in a letter of 1855, shortly before leaving himself, together with his brother Edmond, for a seven-month trip to Italy which yielded a notebook accompanied by […]

The anniversary

Balestrini and the end of the myth of the proletariat in the novel

50 years ago “We want everything” by the writer and activist came out: the last fresco of a working class disappointed since ’68 and seduced by the armed struggle

of Renzo Paris

The song – Eros, carnival and art in the streets

“How many beautiful women with bare hips, long necks and painful and anemic hearts”

The stairs were so dark, so dark, that I grabbed the two sides of my Jew’s long frock coat with both hands. The steps were steep. The Jew climbed up without stopping! His breathing was labored. He carried me up hanging behind him. It went up, and I glimpsed in front of him, at times, when it was not hidden […]

of Edmond e Jules de Goncourt

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