“Denier and jackal”, Lilli Gruber in ecstasy – Libero Quotidiano

“Denier and jackal”, Lilli Gruber in ecstasy – Libero Quotidiano
“Denier and jackal”, Lilli Gruber in ecstasy – Libero Quotidiano

We are a Half past eight of Lilli Gruber, the episode is the one broadcast on La7 on Wednesday 2 June. Guest in connection here Tommaso Montanari, the art historian and new vanguard of hatred against Matteo Salvini e Giorgia Meloni and contempt for sovereignty and its surroundings. Here he is, the new idol of the intelligentsia – ultra-snobbish – of the left. Here he is ready to shoot at zero elevation against “the right”. In this case, against the leader of Brothers of Italy. Obviously, a very pleased Gruber, according to whom “the idea is passing” that the left is not fighting the virus but the categories most hated by the left itself, of course. “The polls show Giorgia Meloni on the rise …”, says Gruber.

“I’m happy that Meloni sees a left, I don’t see it. A left that wants to punish the categories it hates? To see it you need a magnifying glass “, Montanari replies. But we are only at the beginning, because after the premise, the professor passes the insult:” I think it’s a serious statement, there is a creeping denial of Covid and also of political looting“, says Mr. Montanari. Yeah, Meloni jackass and denier, all in the face of a Gruber in substantial ecstasy.

“Frankly, if there are categories that have suffered more than others from the pandemic, they are those that are at the bottom of the social ladder: the rich have become richer and the poor poorer. Meloni grows because in situations of suffering those who propose an enemy, the left, even if non-existent, manages to catalyze consensus. Having left Meloni alone in the opposition was a mistake “, concludes Montanari. Hatred served …

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Denier jackal Lilli Gruber ecstasy Libero Quotidiano

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