Giovanni Brusca in a video: "I apologize to everyone" – Video Tgcom24 – TGCOM

  1. Giovanni Brusca in a video: “I apologize to everyone” – Video Tgcom24TGCOM
  2. Giovanni Brusca, the video in which the repentant apologizes to the families of the victimsCorriere della Sera
  3. Giovanni Brusca, the video apologizing to the victims’ families: “Collaborating with justice? …Daily fact
  4. Giovanni Brusca, in a video interview apologizes to the victims’ families: “I created pain”Journal of Sicily
  5. Giovanni Brusca speaks: “I ask forgiveness for the pain I caused” – Video Tgcom24TGCOM
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Giovanni Brusca video quotI apologize everyonequot Video Tgcom24 TGCOM

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