but the project has been stopped for 2 years – Corriere.it

but the project has been stopped for 2 years – Corriere.it
but the project has been stopped for 2 years – Corriere.it

All still, suspended, unfinished. The former Metropolitan cinema in via del Corso remains a dusty ghost after so many promises. Yet two years ago it had been the same mayor Rays to announce its rebirth. “After 10 years we put an end to a situation of degradation – he said Virginia Raggi in March 2019 -, it was a disused cinema and today the path to return to a new life begins ». Raggi had added: “The building will return to its first vocation that of many years ago, the property (Dm Immobiliare, ed) provides a room for cultural activities for 120 days a year ». The contribution for the public works established for 7 million euros “Will go to redevelop – continued the mayor – the cinema Apollo for which the project for the removal of asbestos is already active and then theAirone».

But the building located at the beginning of Via del Corso which in 1909 was transformed from a convent to a shopping center and in 1911 into a cinema hall which took the name of Metropolitan in 1948 (in homage to the historic film) continues to host homeless people and stalls for 12 years. The redevelopment project which involves the conversion of 2,170 square meters on three levels for a mono-brand megastore (Uniqlo and Primark hypothesis) and offices, while another 331 square meters are intended for cinema room with 99 seats, is still stationary.

In the meantime, to reclaim the cinema in the Esquiline, the money has run out and the recovery of the historic Airone in San Giovanni is suspended. “To finance it – the Capitoline city planning councilor said in July 2020, Luca Montuori– we are waiting for the variant with the restructuring plan of the former Metropolitan cinema to be brought by Region to the approval of the Conference of Services“. The latter ended after 9 months, but the situation was not unblocked. And after two reminders on April 26, the Capitol asked the Region for a reply. “The program agreement on the former Metropolitan Cinema was drawn up exclusively by the Municipality – they replied yesterday by the Regional Urban Planning Department -, while it should be shared by all the institutions involved and it is necessary to maintain the cultural destination of the city as much as possible. ‘immovable’. The Region also “has made a law on urban regeneration, which the Municipality of Rome has not yet implemented after four years, and has approved a law to protect cinemas, which is not respected.” Finally, “the investments linked to the public interest should fall entirely on the area affected by the intervention, while in this recovery project they are also destined for other municipalities in the city tens of kilometers away”. In the meantime, the homeless are sleeping in via del Corso.

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