Exhibitions in Rome: “ACCENT ON ART”

Exhibitions in Rome: “ACCENT ON ART”
Exhibitions in Rome: “ACCENT ON ART”

– 4 artists, 4 women together for June 4th –
Rome, 4.06.2021 – The Vernissage Vittorio Sgarbi opens

Rome – Dedicated to four female artists, it will be held on the afternoon of Friday 4 June, at
18.00, the vernissage for the first edition of “The accent on art”, the exhibition organized
by the artists Angiolina Marchese (www.angiolinamarchese.it) and Raoul Bendinelli of
Art Global cultural association which will have Vittorio Sgarbi as an art critic
will attend the inauguration.

For the inauguration, works by Betty Vivian, Carla Pugliano, Doris Lisa Confortin, Mariassunta Martellone will be exhibited, giving voice and space to their artistic sensibilities and their talents, through the encounter between spectator and artist in a human and tangible space. where each can express their own intimate reality and subjective moods as well as the spectator can dream and let himself be immersed in the various pictorial representations on display.

The Art Global association, active on the national territory with cultural projects and
organization of art exhibitions, for the exhibition “The accent on art” involved
these four artists, some of them of national caliber, who have the strength and the
willingness to leave a mark on the passion and quality of their work in the field
of painting and each of which will exhibit in a solo show.

The initiative, in its first edition, starts from independent artists who are self-supporting and aims to put art back into circulation and highlight a continuous dialogue between multiple styles and works.

Ranging between the different languages ​​of painting with subjective creativity, the exhibition presents different styles and artists worthy of attention, placing – as the title of the exhibition suggests – the accent on art and creating magical synergies in the name of elegance and beauty.

To pay homage on the one hand to artists for expressive freedom and on the other to the public with an art accessible to all and oriented towards its relaunch that also impacts on the economic aspects connected to it.

In a historical period in which art is more than ever a necessary vehicle of oxygen for minds and culture and in which artists are struggling to express themselves, this exhibition wants to have the courage, after months of being unable to express themselves and share, to give a panorama of contemporary beauty to many visitors who with curiosity, in compliance with the anti Covid rules of course, will want to populate and return to animate with their presence the art path offered in the La Pigna Gallery, in via della Pigna 13-a in heart of the historic center of Rome.

The exhibition of the four solo shows will have two special guests, Paolo Lelli and Carlo Landucci and will remain on display until 11 June, which can be visited with free admission during the opening hours of the Gallery from 16.00 to 19.30.

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