“Identical to Nicola Zingaretti, he too wants to join the M5s” – Libero Quotidiano

“Identical to Nicola Zingaretti, he too wants to join the M5s” – Libero Quotidiano
“Identical to Nicola Zingaretti, he too wants to join the M5s” – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti

May 17, 2021

Inside Italy alive there is more than what appears at first glance. The party of Matteo Renzi is giving itself its own identity, different from that of the other acronyms on the left, and does not hold back if there is to cross the blades with Roberto Speranza. This happens frequently, especially when it comes to the abolition of the curfew. “Last spring we were the first to say, amidst attacks and protests, that health security could not erase the need to keep the economy alive”, he claims Ivan Scalfarotto, 55, Undersecretary of the Interior. Today, the requests of the Renzians are added to those carried out by the center-right. “At this point, with the beneficial effects of the vaccination campaign and the approach of summer, we must aim to overcome the hourly limitations and give our companies the opportunity to work and produce”.

The fact remains that vaccinations are not taking off. The average remains below 500,000 per day. Next summer is likely to resemble that of last year.

“In reality, the vaccination plan is proceeding at full capacity, despite the initial difficulties in supplies and the fact that many regions, until the advent of General Figliuolo, tended to make decisions that were dissonant with national directives, such as Puglia, or demonstrating worrying organizational dysfunctions , like Lombardy ».

In the Draghi government, everything depends on European money, including the justice reform of Minister Cartabia. Which for this very reason promises to be minimal: acceleration of civil trials where possible, some simplifications. It will take much more to restore trust in the justice system.

«The justice reform cannot be minimal, because it will be a cornerstone of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Without it we will not be able to invest, and probably not even to obtain, the resources of the Next Generation EU. Having said that, it is true that we are faced with the not easy task of rebuilding trust in the judicial system, which has been affected by a series of events that have raised concern in public opinion ».

After having challenged the “Bonafede model” prescription for a long time, don’t talk about it anymore. Is its abolition not part of the reforms that Minister Cartabia must make?

“We asked for it and we continue to ask for it. When there were those who said they were equidistant between guarantee and justicialism, we pointed out that the first is written in the Constitution, while the second constitutes its negation. Count 2 ended up on justice, leaving us in the swamp of the “never ending trial”, from which we must get out ».

One of the radicals’ referendums will be dedicated to the repeal of the statute of limitations desired by the Minister of Justice Grillino. The League and the center-right will be there. You?

«We will see the texts, we look forward to reading them with interest. The referendum initiatives on justice could constitute a further push to proceed in the right direction ».

You also brought down the Conte government because it wanted to centralize the management of the recovery plan money in the hands of a few. It’s the same thing Draghi did later. Where is the difference?

“First of all Mario Draghi is behind the wheel, and we saw the difference in the conversation with the Commission, which made it possible to clear the PNRR and to ensure Italy the funds of the Next Generation EU, which were not at all guaranteed. After that, I would like to point out that in Draghi’s PNRR 40 pages out of 334 are dedicated to reforms, while in Conte’s old plan there was only one … ».

But from Draghi, theorist of “good debt” and “bad debt”, did you not expect the abolition of the basic income?

“The chronicles report cases of abuse almost daily, it is clear that this measure is not working. I don’t think there are political conditions to abrogate it immediately, but I have no doubt that this government is on the side of work, not subsidies. Just look at the commissioner of Anpal: the experience of the navigators and welfare assistance seems to me to have come to an end ».

After bringing down the Conte government, you took advantage of every opportunity to put a spoke in the wheel of the electoral alliance between the Pd and M5S. Is this your mission? Prevent the birth of the new Giallorossi olive tree?

«The alliance between the Democratic Party and the M5S seems to have been wrecked by itself, as seen in Rome. I am one of those who does not give up on the idea that the progressive forces must be swallowed up by populism in order to win again. If the Five Stars join the European Socialist Party, thanks also to the facilitation of the Democratic Party, it will be another of the many reasons why I will be satisfied with having joined Italia Viva ».

As mayor of Bologna, Isabella Conti, the first citizen of San Lazzaro, is a candidate for the center-left primary. Enrico Letta did not accept her as a unitary candidate. Did you expect this rejection?

“We certainly did not expect Letta, having replaced Delrio and Marcucci, to nominate only men throughout Italy. In Italy Viva, exactly half of the management team, at all levels, is women. It is an identity and indispensable feature of our party ».

Let’s face it: when Nicola Zingaretti led the Democratic Party, the presence of a moderate and reformist center-left party made sense. Now Letta is doing that work, also to burn the ground under your feet. What is left to you?

«I don’t see any differences between Zingaretti and Letta, who promised a” new and fascinating adventure “together with Giuseppe Conte: the line is clear and it is always the same. This is why I think that a liberal-democratic, pro-European, non-statist and non-welfare force, which represents Italy that has confidence in itself, is indispensable ”.

The fact remains that the polls continue to give you below 3%. Where are you doing wrong?

«Looking at the polls, London would still be in the EU and Hillary Clinton a few weeks ago could have started her second term. Now there is no need to deal with polls, but to pull Italy out of the pandemic and the crisis. We will worry about polls and percentages in 2023 ».

You are undersecretary of the interior. Since the beginning of the year, 13,131 immigrants have landed in Italy. In the same period of 2020, the Giallorossi government, there were 4,237. In 2019, the yellow-green government, 1,129. What’s wrong?

“The pandemic has had a terrible impact on the already weak economy of African countries, which has increased the migratory pressure towards Europe. At this point, the answer must be global ».

Which is what we’ve been hearing for years. What’s different this time?

“There is that the Draghi government can play for an authority that we have not enjoyed for decades, and this authority must also be spent towards Europe, which unfortunately still has a deaf ear, and with the countries of the northern shore of the Mediterranean , which Minister Lamorgese has visited several times ».

The citizenship law you would like is based on ius culturae. Does facilitating the granting of an Italian passport increase the risk of more immigrants arriving?

“Combining ius culturae and immigration makes no sense. The ius culturae concerns young people who have never seen in their life or have no memory of any country other than Italy. Young people who speak Italian with our regional accents, who have studied only in our schools and who maybe win medals for our national teams ».

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