Albertini: “That’s why I can’t apply to Milan”

Albertini: “That’s why I can’t apply to Milan”
Albertini: “That’s why I can’t apply to Milan”

Gabriele Albertini he will not run as a center-right candidate for mayor at the municipal offices of Milan. He wanted to reiterate this in a heartfelt letter to the Milanese, even if in recent days it was understood that he was not of the idea, explaining his position and the reasons that lead him to this choice.

His words were posted directly on his website. He chose a day dear to him to speak to those who were his citizens, which coincides with the date on which in 1997 he was sworn in as mayor for the first time. He wrote to his fellow Milanese, to his friends and supporters, to the leaders of the center right, also addressing a wish for a speedy recovery to Silvio Berlusconi.

The reason for the refusal

In recent weeks, many had hoped for his candidacy and several polls also gave him as a possible winner. He therefore felt obliged, in the face of the support and affection that many have shown him, to explain the reason for his refusal. “Unfortunately I have to communicate that for a set of personal reasons I cannot accept this generous opportunity offered to me “ it is read. He also wanted to underline that he does not want to maintain this uncertainty which could in the long run risk damaging the entire electoral campaign. He then wished to reiterate three concepts that are important to him.

The three points dear to Albertini

The former mayor therefore wanted to summarize the three points that are important to him. First of all his availability to accompany the candidate for mayor of the center right: “First of all my willingness during the future campaign to accompany the candidate for mayor, both in terms of content and in the definition and participation in a civic list, a factor, in my opinion, fundamental for the electoral victory”.

Then the fact that a young first citizen, as he was when he was first elected: “Secondly, I believe that, for the challenges that await Milan, the candidate must be young (on May 15, 1997 I was 46), represent the productive categories in view of the imminent recovery, and know all the realities of this multifaceted and articulated cities, even those made more fragile by the pandemic. The team must also be carefully chosen, but also competent, hardworking, adequately balanced between genders ”.

Finally he wanted to talk about the government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi who“Is preparing to live a series of measures that will ensure Italy European resources of 209 billion for the recovery after the health emergency. By virtue of this, Milan will also receive a huge availability of resources (approx 18 billion of Euro)”. For this reason, according to Albertini we will need an exceptional administration made up of a vast coalition of political and productive forces, which are responsible and willing.

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