Chaos prosecutors, Palamara: “Davigo did not follow the procedures”. Morra: “He only mentioned Ardita’s name”

Chaos prosecutors, Palamara: “Davigo did not follow the procedures”. Morra: “He only mentioned Ardita’s name”
Chaos prosecutors, Palamara: “Davigo did not follow the procedures”. Morra: “He only mentioned Ardita’s name”

The Italian judiciary is in chaos and after the Palamara case the Davigo-Storari case broke out. The story is that of the minutes of Piero Amara, a former external lawyer of Eni, who tells of an alleged Masonic lodge “Hungary”. For this case, Paolo Storari, a magistrate who delivered the minutes to Piercamillo Davigo, heard as a witness. Those same documents that later ended up with journalists. There are four public prosecutors currently involved. At “It’s not the arena” Massimo Giletti investigated the case with Luca Palamara, Paolo Mieli and Sandra Amurri. In addition to having reached Davigo, Massimo Giletti brought to the studio the testimony of Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, who declared that he had examined the documents at the hands of Piercamillo Davigo.

The episode began with the playback of the audio of Nino Di Matteo, Councilor of the CSM who on Radio Radicale has uncovered Pandora’s box on the issue. “It is well known that at times I have been in a different position than him but it shows that those who have not been part of the currents can become an added value. He went all the way to understand the truth“said Luca Palamara about Di Matteo’s action.

The speech then moved on to the statements made by Davigo in Piazzapulita, where he stated that “any formal way would have involved the disclosure of the whole affair and therefore there was the need to inform the members of the presidential committee“. A version that did not convince Dr. Robledo who, again in Piazzapulita, raised doubts about Davigo’s statements:”It is not at all true that if he had followed the formal lines he would have disclosed“. Speaking from Giletti, Luca Palamara confirmed Robledo’s doubts:”The Dr. Robledo, is the reverse path compared to what Davigo said“.

He couldn’t tell his attorney with whom he was at odds and the attorney general’s seat was vacant. It was brought in the way Reserved, in the only way it could be done. The circular considers normal and non-dramatic circumstances like this. A registered letter would have created problems of secrecy. What had to be done has been done. Discussing the container and not the content seems misleading to me“, Piercamillo Davigo told the microphones of a journalist from Not is the arena.

Giletti recalled that Davigo told Piazzapulita that he had delivered the minutes to the vice president of the CSM David Ermini, after mentioning the situation to other exponents for “special needs“. But Ermini denied everything:”It is false that I received information, reports or notes written by the then director Piercamillo Davigo. I deny that I was the bearer of thanks or indications from the President of the Republic“.

Massimo Giletti also spoke Nicola Morra, that he saw those minutes covered by the secret, as declared by himself: “Following the news of the break in the Autonomy and Independence group, on my own initiative I tried to reason with Dr. Davigo and Dr. Ardita in order to reconstruct a picture that seemed politically convincing to me, because it had to eradicate the current system. For this reason I asked Davigo for an audience, but it is no secret that I considered him an important figure. I noticed that there was distrust and closure towards Dr. Ardita“.

The president of the Anti-Mafia Commission then continued: “I was invited by Dr. Davigo to come out of his office, because he showed it to me in the stairwell of Palazzo Marescialli (headquarters of the CSM, ed.). This is a country where Trojans work intermittently. I was shown a folder of papers without handwriting, I don’t remember seeing signatures in the margin. I only read the name of the doctor Ardita because we were thinking about the possibility of restarting a dialogue. In order to protect the commission’s operations, Davigo deemed it appropriate to make me aware“. Nicola Morra does not remember exactly when he viewed these documents and defends himself from the accusation of not having spoken before:”I remember it was very hot, I don’t know if it was June or July. I know what confidentiality is, as a citizen I wait for certain investigations to be closed quickly“.

The secret minutes to the journalists were allegedly disseminated by the CSM official, Marcella Contrafatto, secretary of Piercamillo Davigo. Massimo Gallo, companion of the official and former magistrate, then declared: “I have no ideas, they are investigative hypotheses. Since it is subject to scrutiny by the judiciary, it will be the judiciary to ascertain“.

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