Teachers and students, masks worn for too many hours hurt

With the return of the school in attendance almost 100%, there are millions of students and teachers forced to use for many hours of the mask in the classroom. Unfortunately, staying too long in closed rooms always wearing a mask causes unwanted disturbances.

Masks worn for many hours

We asked some teachers and some students what it feels like to wear a mask for five consecutive hours, that is, for the entire school morning.

They replied that in addition to the annoyance of the fogging of the glasses, there are severe pains in the face and ears, problems with breathing and oxygenation of the brain. During the didactic activity there are evident concentration deficits both for the students but also for the professors.

What does the doctor say

To understand the side effects of wearing the mask for many hours, we asked this question to a competent school doctor.

He replied that undoubtedly the prolonged use of the mask worn through the elastic very often causes it development of injuries facial skin, irritating dermatitis and creates severe soreness behind the ears.

If the mask is too close to the face, there would also be a risk of breathing difficulties and poor oxygenation, but this problem does not happen with surgical masks.

The doctor also recommends paying attention to the type of material of the mask, in fact since it is in contact with the mouth, you must be careful not to use materials that may even be painted.

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