“Mister” Al Pacino makes magic dream – Time

“Mister” Al Pacino makes magic dream – Time
“Mister” Al Pacino makes magic dream – Time

Francesco Storace

05 May 2021

Do it now, the SuperLeague. Do not run away, come forward with your hands up that now there is Josè Mourinho. And this year let’s hurry up to get through Covid, that we will make the Roma card even if it costs as much as a mortgage. We like these Americans who have made the coup, other than the already forgotten Manchester. We look to tomorrow, the horizon is yellow and red. And let us hope, tell, live this resurrection dream that belongs to a team and also to a city. Of that part of Rome that was saddened and now rises again proud.

It is the effect that Mou the Special One causes; is the combination created in great secrecy by the American family that came second. The Friedkin, and Pallotta is already as good as forgotten.

The negotiation of those that explode like a tsunami, the bag that rears up, the social networks that go crazy. The machine-guns of joy shoot high on the web, the capital is already celebrating. And he discovers that whoever leads the Giallorossi club is anything but a talker. We tried to study the schemes of Mr. Sarri in place of Fonseca and the Portuguese bang arrives. Gone are those who shouted “I wanted died first”. The emotion flares up. The Inter Scudetto, almost a revenge in the personal history of the new Roma coach, practically obscured.

Mourinho is the shock you needed, true to the character you love or hate. Hated when he trained everyone else, loved now that he’s here. It was probably since the time of Nils Liedholm that there was not much identification between supporters and trainers. It is as if Mourinho had won the primary to be mayor of Rome. And in Parioli the ladies also say well that “he is also a great handsome man”. Too much grace.

The guy is straight, he knows communication inside out and in his life we ​​have already seen him at work with the power of gestures. Draghi would say that this technical virus, already vaccinated against the elements of football, is “a calculated risk”. He immortalized the Giallorossi cover of his mobile phone via social media – on Instagram – and wrote in dida “Forza Magica Roma”. Yes, it belongs to us, full blast shares.

Rome will not be bored with such a bench. The press conferences of the new Giallorossi coach will not be shrouded in greyness, whoever wants to be witty with him should wear a bulletproof vest. The first pages will all be for Mou, other than SuperMario of Palazzo Chigi.

We will find worldly Rome again, the celluloid professionals will return to service, the photojournalists of the Dolce Vita, it will be a competition to win its friendship, confidence, spaghetti. Mourinho’s love in the capital will be a sudden, almost unexpected, but destined love. The government will really agree to lift the curfew.

Then, but also before, the team, the team. We have to imagine him in the locker room as al Pacino, but give him the players, and there can be no doubt that that will be the case. Winning technician and unrivaled motivator, Mourinho represents a perfect mix for a hot square like Rome that can bet on him to finally return to being a protagonist and maybe to win.

“I don’t know what to really tell you. Three minutes to our most difficult professional challenge. Everything is decided today. Now we either resurrect as a team or we will yield one inch at a time, pattern after pattern, until defeat. We are in hell now my lords. Believe me. And we can stay there, get slapped, or fight our way towards the light. We can climb the walls of hell one inch at a time ”. But yes, there is no difference between Al Pacino and Mourinho.

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