Ultra-broadband, off to the new mapping of Italy. For the telco deadline in June

Ultra-broadband, off to the new mapping of Italy. For the telco deadline in June
Ultra-broadband, off to the new mapping of Italy. For the telco deadline in June

Verify the maintenance of the coverage commitments undertaken by the operators; to understand which new interventions have been implemented and planned from this year for the next five years; allow one detailed mapping of Nga (Next Generation Access) and Vhcn (Very High Capacity Network) fixed networks. These are the three objectives of the new mapping plan for Italian networks: on the site of Infratel and on the Bul platform the notice, with letter to operators, of theconsultation starts and telcos will have until June 15, 2021 to present their plans.

In detail, we read on the Infratel website, “the declared plans must be clearly referable to strategic and executive decisions, fully financed and adopted by the competent steering and management bodies of the operators, indicating both the current network coverage as of April 30, 2021, and those expected for the next five years “. Telcos will have to submit a detailed investment plan, ”Which includes for each stage of implementation the start and completion dates and the elements that highlight its practical feasibility, divided over the years by macro-categories and related funding, approved by the competent bodies “and indicate”architecture and structure of the network on the territory (number of sites, geographical location, type of backhaul link, transport equipment, POP and relative positioning), equipment and technologies provided” as well as “sizing of radio sites (with evidence of the methods and parameters used for the radioelectric simulations) in terms of average number of users per site and per antenna, consistent with what is provided in the questionnaires filled in by address and sizing of the band, data and transport network “.

The mapping update concerns all areas of the country – except those already subject to public intervention – e on the basis of the results of the 2021 mapping, new public interventions can be planned.

Infratel’s CEO Marco Bellezza at Telco for Italy

“Telco first”: the recipe for ultra-broadband


Public funds and private investments, the new gray area plan, the push for fixed-wireless: the road is by no means downhill, but the challenge can be won. Co-investment and partnership are the keystones?

17.00 Mila Cornflowers, Director CorCom

17:05 Andrea Rangone, President Digital360

17.15 Franco Accordino, Head Unit Investment in High-Capacity Networks EU Commission

17.25 Antonello Giacomelli, Commissioner of the Communications Authority

17.35 Marco Beauty, CEO Infratel

17.45 Cesare Avenia, President Confindustria Digitale

17.55 Debate with market playersCorCom director Mila Fiordalisi will be moderating

Simone Bonannini, Marketing and Sales Director Open Fiber

Lisa Di Feliciantonio, External Relations & Sustainability Officer Fastweb

Giovanni Moglia, Chief Regulatory Affairs & Wholesale Market Officer Tim

Marco Olivieri, Regional Sales Director Cambium Networks

Andrea Rossini, Direttore Strategy, Business Transformation & Wholesale Vodafone Italy

Francesco Sortino, Chief Marketing Officer Linkem

Marco Vecchio, Secretary of the System Integrator Tlc Networks Group Anie Federation

Alessandro Verrazzani, Head of Regulatory and Institutional Affairs Eolo


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